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The color of walls in the interior and its effect on man

If you enter the office or another "official"The room, whose walls are painted in a bright red color, you might think that you were mistakenly taken to some sort of nightclub. If the walls in the house are painted completely white, this can cause a severe depression in people living there. Experts associate the white color of the walls with the hospital and associate it with the disease.

There are colors that help to relax andRelax, and there are those that help you better concentrate. All this should be considered when choosing the colors in which you want to decorate the interior of the room or the entire house.

As experts explain, rooms with windows to the northRequire warm and bright colors, while in rooms with a view to the south it is better to use natural and fresh colors. The walls in the "western" rooms are suitable warm shades of gray, cream, and pastel colors. For the eastern side - cold colors.

A house is a place where we can relax andRestore strength after work, get rid of tension. Therefore, it is advisable to choose such colors that help to relax and create a warm, cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Here are some expert recommendations on how to choose the color of walls in the interior:


Blue is the color of coolness. It acts soothingly on most people. Experts believe that he should be elected for a bedroom or a toilet room. Pale shades of blue are recommended for small rooms. But you need to choose the shade very carefully: if the room is quite dark, it is better to choose a different color, otherwise the room will be too "cold".

An excellent option - a combination of blue and white furniture. Blue is an excellent background for other colors, but do not overdo it. In large quantities, this color can create a sense of darkness.


If you want to visually expand the room, thenSelect the yellow color. The bright tones of yellow have good compatibility with each other. The effect on the person of yellow color is extremely positive. It is believed that this color stimulates the nervous system. Recommended for a bedroom, because it creates a relaxing atmosphere and promotes relaxation. Suitable for the kitchen in combination with green and white tones.


Although this is a "dangerous" color, it should not beIgnored. Red is the color of life in all its manifestations, the color of strength and passion. If this shade is used correctly, carefully and in small amounts, you can achieve excellent results.

Red is a good solution for the corridor,Hall or living room, but not in the bedroom, children's room or kitchen. Decorators often combine muted shades of red for the decoration of wooden furniture, to create an interior in the so-called "rural" style.


Orange is considered the color of creativity. Experts define it as the most joyful color. This color in the interior creates a warm home atmosphere.
Particularly relevant for cold and poorly lit rooms - they can be revived with the help of orange shades. This color is suitable for dining room and living room.


Green is the color of calmness and balance. It causes subconscious associations with nature and creates a feeling of freshness, but it is difficult to reconcile with other colors. If you want to create a joyful atmosphere, choose a lighter shade of green, if you want peace of mind - more muted. But if you want to stimulate energy - refer to the turquoise shades that are especially suitable for the children's room.

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