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Coffee table in your house

On the occurrence of a low and long coffeeThere is no consensus. However, there are two versions about where this interesting idea came from. The first says that the height and shape of this table borrowed from the culture of the Ottoman Empire, where long low tables were used for tea drinking. According to the second version, the appearance of the coffee table is connected with the culture of Japan, quite popular in Europe the century before last.

The first coffee tables were created only fromWood, with the development of new technologies, the amount of materials involved in its creation has increased dramatically. Now this table can be found not only from wood, but also from metal, plastic, glass, leather, natural or artificial stone.

So what kind of table will find its place in yourHouse? It depends on what functions you want it to perform. Moreover, the coffee table has long been able to perform not only the function inherent in it initially, except for coffee cups it can store magazines, and in it - various things. Modern designs of tables-transformers even allow you to disassemble the usual tea table with small shelves on the table and stools. It can be a beautiful accessory, a work of art or simply a convenient thing, for which it is pleasant to sit in the evening in front of the TV with a cup of coffee. Some tables can even be an aquarium for goldfish! In addition, all tables differ also in the form of a table top, which can be oval, round, square, rectangular and irregular.

Modern designers are happy to work with this piece of interior, giving it new forms and functions, creating anything that was not previously similar to the model.

When choosing a coffee table, you shouldTo be guided by knowledge, for what it is bought. For frequent use, or is it written off exclusively decorative role? Do not rush, because you need to choose a coffee table that does not just meet your requirements and taste, but also that it seamlessly fit into the interior.

For living rooms or premises made inModern styles of high-tech or modern, glass tables are best for them, they are simple, elegant, airy. The classical interior will perfectly match the wooden tables, various in style, shape, carving or painting. In fact, it does not matter what style your room is made in, to which you want to buy this table made by hand, made to order or just bought from the store. The main thing is for you to be comfortable from it. And to know what kind of table will be cozy in your home, it is not bad at least a little to understand what kinds it is. Plus, this knowledge will greatly help you with the choice of form and functions that your coffee table should have.

Reduced "dining table"

One of the most common types of coffee tables. From the dining table, it differs only in size, but not in a shape that can be square or round, with four legs or one support.

Table Set

A set of small tables, similar to growingMushrooms under the tree. They can be two, three, four or five, different in height and shape. They can be safely arranged around the apartment in the way that would be convenient for you or put together at one point.

Deserted table in the house

In form, it is similar to the letter "P" placed sideways. Its bottom-support pushes under the base of the sofa, while the table top hangs over the seat.

Coffee table

To consider this coffee table is only one that was specially designed to store newspapers and magazines. There will always be press containers - boxes or shelves.

Transformers tables

At these tables, you can change the height or size of the table top, both together and separately.

Storefront table

Many famous table with transparent glassCounter top, under which there is another shelf, on which it is possible to lay out lovely and dear to the heart decorative trinkets - beads, stones, seashells, flowers.

Decorative table

One of the most capricious tables. It is designed to be admired, not stacked on them cups or magazines. Typically, they include coffee tables of unusual shape, created by some famous designer from innovative materials.

Now it's easy to buy a coffee table. The main thing is to tune in to buy, imagine how a coffee table in your house will take its place in the interior, and then the process of choice will give you real pleasure.

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