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How to change the interior in the house with the help of unpretentious things?

Bedroom. The taste and color of friends is not, as they say. Someone likes to have a quiet and calm atmosphere in the bedroom, which is at night; Others, on the other hand, create a cheerful mood in this room for easy awakening in the morning. The main "climate" and the character of this room are set by curtains, they will help to change the interior. It depends on them the overall impression of the bedroom. It can be a light curtain-veil, collected with the help of magnets in a bizarre shape; Heavy heavy curtains, not allowing light, and maybe a curtain in the Chinese style. In the bedroom, as in no other room, lamps and floor lamps are appropriate. High or low, floor, wall or table, different shapes and colors. Only changing the curtains and lamps, you can change the situation of the room every time. Another detail that has become very popular lately is the aquarium in the bedroom. The bubbling of air bubbles in the water, its muffled light, the smooth rocking of sea plants and fish - all this provides for a rest and sleep. Also, the aquarium perfectly moistens the room, which is very useful for the skin, hair and in general for health. And another interesting idea - to put in the bedroom a screen for dressing, it is now very fashionable, and it does not have to correspond to the general style of the room. Pleasant trifles: candles, candlesticks, vases, photos and pictures in beautiful frames, aroma lamps, decorative piggy banks, soft toys, figurines also help to "revive" the interior.

Hall, living room. If the bedroom is more intimate, then in thisRoom we usually receive guests, arrange holidays, play with children and relax after a hard day's work, so the hall should please the eye and be comfortable. Here everything depends only on the imagination and taste of the owners of the house. By what simple things can you change the weather here in the house? The hall in the Art Nouveau style or the avant-garde can decorate a low glass table of equal rectangular shape and the same curbstone under the TV; Curtains-pleated or straight panel (Chinese) curtains; Straw balls-balls, chairs of geometric shapes, chair-pear. The living room in classic style is filled with satin wedges with carved legs, forged flowers stands, heavy complex multi-level curtains, decorated with brushes, floor plants or herbariums in massive pots-vases, animal skins on the floor and on upholstered furniture, cushions for the sofa and armchairs. By the way, you can lay a fluffy light skin in the bedroom on the floor near the bed. The rustic style room will be decorated with straw furniture, all kinds of blankets (plain or square), wooden newspapers, stylized "antique" watches, striped rug mats, knitted lampshades that can be made independently. Asian style is complemented by red lights, big fans on the walls, plates or transparent flat vases with sachets, bamboo, incense stands, straw panels, sets for sushi. Of the Asian is particularly popular now is the Japanese style and the stores have a huge selection of items that can complement such an interior.

Kitchen. As a rule, women spend in the kitchen very muchA lot of time and every mistress dreams of a beautiful comfortable kitchen, in which it was nice to be. Usually, because of all sorts of household appliances and cabinets in the kitchen there is very little space, so this room is important not to "overload". If the kitchen furniture has open shelves for pleasant trifles, they can place decorative bottles with canned and beautifully laid bright vegetables, all kinds of figurines, candles-columns. If there are no such niches in the cabinets, then on an empty wall you can hang a pair of decorative small shelves, according to the style that correspond to the general direction of the interior and place all the small items there. They can be made of colored glass or wooden. In the center of the dining table put a plate of fruit, you can artificial or a vase with flowers. Also, the table will be decorated with cheerful peppermint, salt shaker and napkin, crocheted individual napkins under the hot, etc. A free wall will be filled with mosaic watches and paintings. Curtains for the kitchen are better to have several different types and colors, here you can give freedom of imagination.

The office. In recent years, Russian multi-Apartments and private houses began to appear a separate room for work, by analogy with the western office rooms. This room should be placed to work, so do not add anything extra, distracting attention. But a few details can still be afforded. First, in the office, meetings are held with colleagues at work or people who do not have to be hit in the face with dirt, so there it is worth placing so-called status items: a book signed by a famous writer; Audio CD, with the artist's autograph; Expensive unique art objects, paintings, sculptures, etc. The walls can be decorated with certificates and certificates that indicate your professional success. All this in a positive way will affect the opinion of the owners of the house. To raise the mood, you can decorate the walls with drawings of children and their photos. Do not disregard the houseplants, they will create coziness in the office and at the same time clean the air from the harmful effects of office equipment.

Entrance hallway. In the hallway, it's interesting to beat lighting. In a narrow corridor, these can be lamps simulating torches, located on both walls in staggered order; A series of bulb-balls of small diameter on wires of different lengths, scattered on the ceiling; Built in the walls or ceiling of small lamps. On the wall you can hang an interesting wooden locker. If there is not enough space, then there will be enough two things to refresh the room. It can be: an elegant floor hanger or an outdoor vase-pot with a fig or dracaena; Stylized antique phone with a small puff; Grandfather Clock.

It does not matter what size and functionRoom, no matter what color and texture in her wallpaper, or what kind of coverage on the floor and even furniture. The details set the tone for the whole interior of the room, which is very convenient, as many of these items are not bulky, they can easily be moved from room to room, basically, they are not binding and can be changed in the mood. Remember, the interior in the house is a flight of your imagination!

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