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Modern interior of a country house

One of the most actual in the modern interiorCountry houses are full freedom and unlimited space. Indulge the interior of your country house with a huge wall of glass that resembles a huge window with an exit to a green garden. Being inside your country mansion, you can feel the complete harmony with the surrounding nature and at the same time, comfort and protection during weather bad weather. At its core, such a modern design of the country house can have a certain elevation in the form of a corner veranda. Ceiling and floor in this part of the house is desirable to do in moderate and soft colors, which will contribute to an atmosphere of complete relaxation and seclusion.

And now let's say a few words about the furniture, whichIs able to decorate the interior of the house. The best choice for a holiday home will be wicker furniture. It is very light, practical and at the same time comfortable. It is very easy to change places and most importantly, that it fits into any modern interior. Sitting in an armchair or on a sofa from natural rods, you can gain strength and energy from the natural material from which they are made.

The most fashionable colors of such country furnitureThere are natural and natural shades that speak of the natural origin of this material for furniture. For example, furniture made from a vine that is not hidden by paint, will look very harmonious with windows and a veranda made of natural wood, opened with a special lacquer. Such furniture is very well combined with blue or pink details of the decor (cushions, vases, paintings) and very well fits into the so-called style of home interior, like country. By the way, it is not superfluous to recall that this style is very successful for the design of the dacha interior.

What should be a modern flower bed? The answer to this question is very simple and concise. The modern flowerbed of a country house should be very bright and blooming. Therefore, you must definitely allocate a special place on your site for as many flower beds and beds for flowers. If you have a small plot of land, then as a flower garden you can use the wall of the house. Take pots with flowering flowers and place them on the wall of your house. With this arrangement, you should remember that the wall on which you are planting pots of flowers should be western or eastern. It is on such walls that your flowers will live as long as possible and thus will delight your eyes.

Another fashionable feature in summer designUse of massive, wooden pots. These vases are best placed along the road or on the side of the steps that lead into the house. It will also be appropriate to purchase a huge clay pot under the flowers, which will fit very nicely into your veranda. Having bought such pots in huge quantity, it is possible to create a small mini-garden, which will give your dacha site a special charm and coziness. Every year, new plants can be planted in these wonder-vases, which will allow you to refresh the overall interior of your yard. By the way, many designers advise using these flowerpots to clearly divide the sides of the yard, dividing it into different territories (for recreation or farming).

Any dacha facade is very original decorateFrame of grapes (both wild and varietal) or a curly vine. Thanks to such "green bedspreads" you can keep cool on hot summer days. The main thing is to water and cut this beauty in time.

Very successful in the design of the countrysideCan be various decorative figures in the form of sculptures. Such decor elements should be placed as close as possible to the greenery. These sculptures can be either of wood, or of metal or clay. Another fashion feature of this season in the design of the suburban area is the use of figures with lighting elements. Or rather, flashlights in the form of original silhouettes or fairy-tale characters. Such lights can be installed anywhere in the yard, most importantly, to calculate the trajectory of their illumination.

And yet, what kind of cottage without a gazebo. The most fashionable in this season are recognized arbors, made of wood. Such a gazebo will fit very nicely into your landscape design. Also, it can be used as a basis for climbing plants. The most common colors of arbors are blue, green and white. All these colors are very well in harmony with nature and, thus, act as its continuation.

A highlight in modern dacha design will beGreen lawn. Select a piece of land for a green grass, and you will not regret it at all. After all, neat grassy flooring can decorate any dacha site. One more fashionable direction in the design of the suburban area is the artificial lake (pond). It is such a small pond that will very well emphasize all your overall design. Decorate it with real water lilies and enjoy your creation.

So we looked at how it really shouldLook modern dacha. Now we think you will not find it difficult to turn your countryside "residence" into a comfortable and comfortable holiday home. Good luck to you!

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