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How to keep a shapely figure on vacation

  • Water helps maintain water balance. So drink plenty of water, it will never hurt you.
  • The place decides a lot. Choose the center. It is preferable to find a hotel there from where you can get on foot (without using transport) to the beach, cafes or a shop. Hiking is a very good way to go in for sports on vacation. You are on the move, and besides, you get positive emotions from contemplation of the surrounding nature, breathe in fresh air - it's not like driving a car. Go on an excursion or sightseeing on foot, because everything will look different through the car window. Did you plan lunch or dinner in a restaurant nearby? A wonderful opportunity to walk with a group of friends and discuss new impressions with them.
  • In everything, observe moderation. But when you can solve everything, if not invacation time? !! However, in order to preserve the figure, it is necessary to observe the measure. Dessert will seem even sweeter to you, if you order it less often - every two to three days. And, accordingly, taking half the proportion - the number of calories is reduced by half! On vacation, we relax and are inclined to afford what we do not usually dare to do. After all, vacation is a time of pleasure, but you do not need to let go of the brake. The desire to try and taste something exotic, or simply unusually tasty (usually excluded from the diet, as a high-calorie) is natural. In this case, choosing one dainty, review the consumption of another. I really like dessert, so not to spoil a slender figure, often at lunch I do not eat bread or eat it very little, and prefer to order a salad instead of fatty and high-calorie snacks.
  • Control the use of alcohol and coffee. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks affectOn dehydration of an organism, especially in a hot climate. You can not completely give up alcohol - observe the "golden mean": do not make booze. It is recommended to limit the daily use of coffee to two cups (or less). And one more little secret: after a cocktail or a cup of coffee you need to drink a glass of water - it helps restore the disturbed water balance.
  • Have breakfast in your room. On the eve of stock up with bananas, yogurt andhave breakfast in the hotel room. Be sure to start the day with breakfast. Breakfast helps to store energy for the whole day and supports the process of metabolism. It is easy enough to find or simply take with you "snacks" (for example, bagels from coarse flour, bananas, energy bars (without fats), yogurt). In addition, this meal will stop you from wanting to eat a heavy, fatty meal with a small amount of nutrients. Try to make your breakfast as healthy and useful as possible, despite the fact that it's hard to resist the buns and croissants that are often included in the breakfast menu at the hotel.
  • Try to swim more. If there is a beach or a swimming pool nearby,be sure to swim a few times a day and lie in the sun (just do not overdo it!). Well, if you do not like swimming, then you can just walk along the beach or play beach volleyball.
  • Stretch out when you wake up. This and "wake up" sleeping more muscles, and will charge you with vivacity for the whole day!
  • Use greens. No, the conversation is not about money - although it would beFunny, is not it? Of course - VEGETABLES! For appetite before the main dish, order a salad of fresh vegetables. Vegetables are undoubtedly our best friends, and a great way to keep your health and figure on vacation! They are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, which regulate the process of assimilation of calories by the body. And that's not even talking about the great benefits of fiber!
  • Breathe. What can be more beautiful than peace and tranquility of the spirit? Try to meditate! Comfortably sit and breathe in full.
  • Have fun and enjoy every moment of vacation. It is found that laughing burns calories in much the same way as doing sports.
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