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Create a cosiness on the balcony

It may not be necessary to live with memories of the past andIt's time to get rid of it. After all, from the balcony you can make a continuation of the room, winter garden or summer "residence". Create a cosiness on the balcony and turn it into a summer flower garden and into a study, everything depends on your abilities and your imagination. What can we do to create a cosiness on the balcony? To begin with, remove all unnecessary things to get free space to work.

Much depends, glazed or not balcony. If you want the balcony to turn into an additional room, then of course you need an internal glazing. It is necessary to perform some works for warming the balcony, you can put a "warm" floor.

If you have a large balcony, you can turn it into aSummer terrace and put the vases and wicker furniture. On this summer terrace you can have tea with your family and friends. If the balcony is narrow, you can make a fairly wide window sill, turning it into a bar counter, it will be an interesting solution.

The wall that is under the window, and the outgoingOn the balcony, you can clean. Instead of a wall, you can put a double glass door - a French window. It will be able to visually increase the space on the balcony and in the adjoining room. You can make this opening in the form of an arch, then the balcony will be like a continuation of the room.

Balcony can be beaten with wooden lining, okleitWallpaper or paint. Some use plastic upholstery on the balcony. If the balcony is not shaded by trees, it goes to the south side, then this need not be done. In an enclosed space, there will simply be nothing to breathe, and heated plastic in the air will emit toxic compounds and make it toxic.

For non-glazed and open balconies you can findA lot of design solutions. And the most fragrant solution will be to make a flower garden. You can make it yourself or buy flowerpots of different colors and shapes, wall or suspended attachments.

In whatever style the verandas, loggias,Balconies, their main decoration will be boxes with plants, flowerpots. But for this to look beautiful, you need to select the right plants and flowers.

1. In order to arrange plants, you needTake advantage of all levels of the balcony. If the balcony has grills, then they are used as a support for climbing plants. Fast growing and rich in greenery are the following varieties of lianas: morning glory, echinocystis, Turkish beans, kobei.

2. If you plant the seeds in early May, then in 30 days the vines will curl on the grate and create a hedge that will give your balcony charm.

3. The best climbing plants grow and look in long and narrow boxes that can save space on the loggia.

4. If the balcony is located on the south side, then it is desirable to fully encircle it with lianas. Thanks to this, the balcony will have a pleasant microclimate and a natural shade.

5. Flowers such as carnations, matthiol, nasturtium and salvia love the sunny side.

6. On the balcony on the north side is bestPlant flowers that like a shadow: fuchsia, tobacco, periwinkle, sirloin, forget-me-nots. From domestic plants it is better to plant cissus, laurel cherry, zebrin, balsam, oleander, Tradescantia. On the north side of climbing plants it is better to plant ivy.

7. Boxes for plants, pots, vases, ceramicPots should match the chosen style, be beautiful and convenient for plant growth. Kashpo with bright and beautiful colors look great if they are suspended on a vertical rack or will be suspended on the walls of the balcony, as a result, its space will increase.

8. To make the space of the loggia evenly distributedFilled, boxes of flowers should be installed on the sides. Along the fence of the loggia, strengthen the shelves for pots or boxes, and then you will get a garden of flowers, several floors.

9. In addition, we still need to consider how plantsBelong to the sun. From above put plants that love light, and down put plants that like the shadow. Beautifully look boxes, which are fixed from the outside of the balcony and planted with fragrant and vivid colors.

10. In addition to the usual pots and pots, you can use the sauce bowl or sugar bowl, which you have left from the old service. These containers give the balcony an unusual look and are suitable for young plants.

Now you have learned how to create a home cosiness on the balcony, and then he will be able to please you with his beauty.

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