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Interior of a children's room for boys

The smaller the boy by age, the more importantFor him is the participation of parents in the creation of a children's room. A one-year-old child will not tell his parents about the color of the wallpaper he would like to have in his room, but he will certainly try everything on the tooth. This point parents should take into account as the main thing, because the most important thing in the children's room is safety. Parents should take care that in the room there were no drawers to exclude pinching of fingers, and sharp corners.

Baby for the boy should be cleaned easily, withoutThe need to move furniture. On the floor there should not be any fleecy carpets that accumulate dust on their surface. It is important that everything in the room can be wiped or washed, for example, soft furniture covers, bedspreads, curtains. Remember that the safety of finishing materials and furniture in the children's room - in the first place.

With age, the child begins to expressWishes for the interior of his room, and the parent can not leave his wishes unattended. Take care of the security of the situation, and leave the choice of decor for your son. Do not make decisions - consult, discuss, offer.

Always remember that the child is developing,Constructs, knows the world. His interests should find a place in the nursery. If your son is attracted to sports, install a Swedish wall or attach a boxing pear. If you are keen on drawing, create the convenience for classes with a brush, pencils. The main thing is guided by the interests of the child. Do not force the boy to play musical instruments if he prefers football.

The interior of the nursery should displayInterests of the child. In the boy's room from the furniture should be the most necessary: ​​a desk, bed, chair, wardrobe. Do not poke children's grandmother's chest of drawers, unnecessary chairs and other things that I'm sorry to throw out. In the children's room should not be superfluous, according to the boy, the interior items.

Some room design options for a boy

Equipment. Cars, airplanes, trains, spaceships,Robots are interested in many young boys. Surely the child will be genuinely happy with the bed in the form of a car and a room decorated in the appropriate subject. The main accents can be bright posters, racing flags, models of cars or planes.

Nature. This theme is close to boys and girls. A wonderful gift for children will be an aquarium with fish in the children's room, decorated in the style of a sunny beach with palm trees. It is possible to design a room in the jungle theme. In this, for decoration, it is good to use powerful indoor plants in tubs with large leaves. Appropriate wallpaper and pictures of tropical animals like boys. Another option is the forest: cones, foliage compositions, a wooden stool in the form of hemp or driftwood will create a unique atmosphere.

Marine themes. Such subjects include submarines,Ships, cabins, pirates. All this is a win-win option for a boy, keen on adventure and the sea. The finish should include "marine" colors and a natural tree that mimics the walls of the ship and the deck. And do not forget about accessories (compasses, old maps, anchors, ropes, pirate flags). And for a large number of toys, a large chest is suitable.

Sport. The hobby of sports should not go unnoticed,So surround the boy with the appropriate setting. Let the punching bag hang from the ceiling, dumbbells lie on the floor. Place the awards in the most prominent place, this is the pride of your son. Posters of famous athletes, numerous sports attributes will help achieve the desired effect.

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