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Interior of a child's room for a newborn

The interior of the room for a newborn should beLight. As the main color, it is better to choose calm light colors that can be diluted with bright elements, but they should not be very much. Different color accents need to be introduced gradually. Natural, neutral, very light colors are suitable for walls, for example, gently pink with ocherous or white for the girl, or a gentle blue in combination with light green or white for the boy. Bright red, violet, dark blue tone is better not to use, because red excites the psyche of the child, and blue, on the contrary, oppress. Do not choose as the primary color "oppressive" shades - brown, gray, and even more so black.

It is desirable to divide the children's room into three zones. The first zone is intended for sleeping and resting, in the second zone the child will play, and the third - the mother's zone where parents can put clothes and things to care for the child. In any area of ​​the room, the child, like his mother, should feel comfortable.

Sleep and rest zone

A newborn baby sleeps an average of sixteen to twenty hours a day. Therefore, the first two months are the most important zone in his life.

It should be remembered that the sleep zone should beOnly a zone of sleep and rest and nothing more. To feed a child in bed or fill it with toys is not worth it. Only so the child will understand that in bed he must sleep.

Use a canopy or curtains on the bed notIt is desirable, as this makes air access difficult. Soft walls on the bed are also not recommended: the child needs to see the whole room for development, in addition, they absorb the dust well.

When choosing a place for a newborn's crib, it is necessary to consider the following:

  • The bed should be at a distance from the radiators, as they dry the skin.
  • Place the bed in a low-lighted place.
  • The bed should not be in the area where the child is playing or eating.
  • It is advisable not to put a bed next to the cold outer wall, otherwise the child may catch a cold.
  • It is better to put the bed at the maximum distance from the front door and walls that are adjacent to the living room or kitchen, i. E. With "noisy" rooms.

Zone for games

While the baby did not start walking, i.e. He does not move around the apartment, the child needs to organize a zone for games.

The game zone assumes:

  • Place for games in outdoor games;
  • Baskets and boxes for storing toys;
  • Developing a rug where the kid learns to turn over;
  • A place for reading books and games with toys and objects;
  • Manege, in which you can leave the child alone for a while.

This zone should be the brightest. It is better to highlight it visually, the more kids are able to perceive only saturated colors. For example, in this place on top of the wallpaper you can paste others - bright, or paint colorful images of animals.

After the child grows slightly, animals can be changed to letters and numbers or to the heroes of your favorite cartoons.

Zone for clothes and care products

The main piece of furniture in this area is a chair or a table for feeding. More precisely, the chair will be two: for mother and for the child.

For mom, you can buy a rocking chair withArmrests: it is convenient to hold the child, and most importantly, it is easy to put to sleep. For a child who already knows how to sit, in the shops they sell special chairs for feeding.

Also in this area should be located the following pieces of furniture:

  • Chest or wardrobe in which children's things will be stored: clothes, diapers, etc.
  • A sofa bed or an armchair-bed. Alternatively, the sofa can be placed next to the baby's bed, that is, in the area for sleeping and resting.
  • Changing table. Now such tables are very often combined with the chest of drawers.
  • Bedside table for cosmetics and other items for child care.
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