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Interior of a room for a teenager

The room of a teenager is a room no longer of a small child, but also not of an adult personality. A teenager is going to have a difficult way, because he will seek the golden mean.

The first thing to do is remove fromRoom cot. After all, the child has grown up and most likely does not fit into it anymore, but maybe it is not comfortable for him to sleep in - it has become too low for him. In addition to the teenager for certain come on a visit its friends-contemporaries who for certain it is inconvenient to sit down on the made bed.

Ideal for a sofa in which there isSeparation, where you can lay down the bed. However, remember that the child is still small enough to buy him an expensive elegant sofa, because he as before can smear it and pour it. In the room of a teenager, the sofa should be chosen in a darker color, the same applies to other furniture. But if you do not want to buy a dark-colored sofa in the child's room, you can buy even a white sofa, the main thing is that it is easy to wash and clean.

Cabinet furniture in the teen room shouldHarmonize and be in a color palette. In addition, in cabinet furniture should be shelves and drawers (and preferably in large quantities), which should be convenient to handle, because there the child will add both personal items and school supplies. In the room there must be a computer desk (if there is a computer in the child's room) or a desk, after which the schoolboy will do homework, to practice on the computer.

A writing / computer desk should beThe place where the daylight comes in more and more during the day (for example, near the window), this in turn has a favorable effect on the eyesight of the teenager. The chair behind which the child will sit should fit into the overall interior and be simple, and not as an office chair or chair of the head.

In the adolescent beauty roomThe interior needs to put some toys, and although the child has already grown up to play in them, but they will remind him that he is still a child, not an adult. On the shelves you can put children's photos framed in frames, this will increase the sense of self-esteem of the child and so the child will feel that the room belongs to him.

Indoor plants can also be goodAn additional element of the interior. Now in a room of the teenager it is possible to put those plants which stood in other room because of fear that it will damage them. Living plants will not only create a positive attitude and look nice, but they will also saturate the air with pure oxygen. In addition, putting pots with plants in the child's room, you will help him to be closer to nature, take care of her, love her. The child will develop a sense of responsibility for the plants, he will realize that if they are not watered, they will die.

Wallpaper in a teenager's room is better to choose fromNeutral pattern, do not buy wallpaper with cars, with characters from cartoons. Do not fit and wallpaper with classic drawings. The color of the wallpaper should be bright and warm tones, because the color of the walls depends on the emotional mood of the teenager.

Now about curtains and curtains. In the teenager's room, you can hang any curtains and do not be afraid that he will wipe the curtains around his hands or cut out an interesting pattern for applique with scissors. Curtains can be expensive and of good quality, the main thing is that they are in harmony with the interior of the room and not too dark, because then they will block access to sunlight.

So, what interior will be picked up by the growing up child, this will be his emotional mood in this difficult period for him, which is called "transitional age".

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