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Kitchen furniture in country style

In this style, the dishes themselves can be made andAny small decor elements. The elegance and simplicity of the lines, the mood of ease and ease in the atmosphere. In this room you can relax from the hustle and bustle of a big city and enjoy sitting with a cup of tea.

Kitchen in country style

How to create a kitchen in this style

When buying furniture and various accessories, when repairing and in projects, you need to pay attention to such points:
The facade of kitchen cabinets should be made of natural wood (veneer or an array). The further you move away from this rule, the kitchen will less correspond to this style.

The color of kitchen cabinets here does not play a specialRole. You can safely choose both darker (walnut, oak) and light colors (pine, beech), and a painted tree (in French) in a gray-white patina, as well as a painted tree - (Scandinavian) Or (in American) - in a shade of mint.

A very indicative parameter is the shade of the walls, andHere only medium and light natural tones (pale blue, olive green and coniferous, ocher, vanilla, sand, beige, white) will do. There is no room for juicy colors, as glossy tiles in the finish of the "kitchen apron" are not needed.

In this style, the complex"Semi-washed" tones (porcelain, old rose, lilac and so on), and only thanks to the French, they are able to accurately balance the old furniture, new paint and old walls.

With regard to drawing, it, as a rule, hasThe traditional view with a very massive casing and does not masquerade as a household modern technique. Finishing furniture, handles ideally exclude a hint of "new technologies" and should be conservative.

There is no place in the kitchen for stained glass. Various options for design of the upper cabinets, organically look lattice. Lockers exclude "bent facades", and the technique itself must be built in and closed with doors.

The optimal material for flooring can beCeramic matt tile, which mimics the stone. But in case the kitchen is combined with the living room or with the dining room, you can take a tree, and in the economy mode, you should choose its successful imitations.

A few words about the decor

Our designers like ceiling wooden beams, this is the "Russian look" in the country, they perfectly complement this style, but will be appropriate only in high rooms, but in a limited number.

It is worthwhile to add rough furniture for the dining area and stone, or you will get a parody of the chalet, especially if in the next living room there is an elegant French Rococo style furniture.

Lamps and curtains should be selected,Guided by the principle "less pathos - more coziness". But designers for some reason neglect this rule, but in vain. Strips, cage, flower patterns will decorate the upholstery of chairs, windows. But the tablecloth will look spectacular in lace.

These rules adhere to experienced decorators,Which create cuisine in the style of country. If you follow these rules, you can ensure that your kitchen will look respectable and cozy at the same time.

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