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Pink color in the children's room

Pink color in the children's room

In the children's room for the walls use a coldPink from one palette with a combination of warm pink and caramel, cream. It becomes clear to us that this is a children's room for a girl, there are toys, a children's figure on the fabric of an armchair, toys, a quilting blanket, but this is not a room for a Barbie doll. And the pastel color of the room creates a soft lyrical mood and it becomes clear that this is a child's play for the girl.

What they say about pink color designers and psychologists that pink color is:

  • Attractiveness.
  • Sentimentality.
  • Tenderness.
  • Spiritual joy.
  • Optimism.

Pink color relaxes, normalizes appetite and sleep, improves mood and calms. It is even said that the speed of thought rises from it.

When adding pink color to the children's roomYou need to remember an important rule. It is necessary not only to combine pink with gray, white, you can combine pink with other pastel warm colors. The pink color goes well with the pale lilac. Sometimes parents fall into the extreme and create a pink interior, turn the girl's room into a "princess room".

It happens that the wall is painted in the form of a castle wall,A bed in the form of a coach, use fabulous motifs, unusual furniture for a nursery, a fabulous landscape and as a base one uses pink color. In the eye rushes rush. This is a child's for a normal life, but it looks like a decoration for a performance let "the girl will have something that was not with us."

Another option would be a pink canopy overA bed, it serves as a sofa in the daytime, as well as various pink accessories. Modern furniture, toys, patchwork pattern make the children's room live and residential.

Of course, in this nursery you can feel the lack ofOther colors, this canopy over the bed could be made in blue, light green, and not in pink. But still this interior is more viable than the previous interior. Pink is a frequent visitor in the girl's children's room. Any girl wants to feel like a real princess, and pink color is best suited for such reincarnation. And it's up to the choice and taste of your child.

You do not need to go to extremes and give pinkColor romantic and "fabulous" character, everything should be in moderation. You can find something interesting for the girl. The design of a pink room should correspond to its interests, hobbies and taste. And when creating a pink room you need to consult with the girl, take into account her opinion. The color range of pink shades should be gentle and neutral. The abundance of bright pink shades will make your child very tired.

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