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Modern kitchen in Russian style

The kitchen for the Russian is a special room. Whatever the interior for the kitchen was not chosen, they create a cozy and comfortable environment. The family in the kitchen spends a lot of their time behind heartfelt conversations and family dinners.

Manufacturers of furniture took into account the interestTo the interiors of modern cuisine in the Russian style and began the production of furniture products in this style. Kitchen sets are made from expensive raw materials - valuable wood. Moreover, wood is created not only by furniture itself, but also by finishing the walls and ceiling. If you create beams on the ceiling, they can create a certain direction in the interior. However, it is worth considering that when creating a Russian style in the kitchen, you must observe the measure: to turn the kitchen into a museum composition is not worth it. Do not make the kitchen items, even if they are stylish, original and unique. The mood can create a buffet, which has slightly rough facades. This facade, as a rule, is specially aged and blacked out, the corresponding drawing is applied - birds and flowers, often decorated with painting or carving.

In order to create a unique interior at allIt is not necessary to leaf through a pile of magazines on design in order to find a modern European interior. After all, in order to emphasize the Russian flavor and create a comfortable and surprisingly warm atmosphere, you can use the achievements of modern science and technology and grandfather customs.

Very good looks wood furniture in the kitchenIn Russian style, made of light wood and having a warm honey hue. It is possible to emphasize the hostess's individuality and her sense of style with the help of shelving, various hanging cabinets and pedestals, which will well complement the interior.

Create an original kitchen design in Russian styleCan be with the correct location of the fixed furniture. Typical pieces of furniture are for the most part benches and chests, which can be very differently executed. Chests, as well as tables, are usually covered with patchwork covers, from which such an interior begins to resemble an Italian-style kitchen.

Also, when creating such an interior forGiving greater coloring kitchen cupboards and cupboards painted with floral ornament or decorated with painted birds. If the kitchen is large in area, then you can concentrate on the Russian stove in the center. If the size of the kitchen is small, then it is better to replace the oven with another item. For example, the stove can be replaced by a fireplace.

Well complement the interior can accessories,Which are made in the form of wooden utensils. For example, original wooden plates, spoons and various supports will look original. Thus, such utensils will not be used for their intended purpose, but will be just a decorative element that will give the Russian cosiness and a unique flavor to the kitchen.

This interior will not do without bast productsOr wicker from the vine, bast basket, because they have an inner charm. These interior details can be placed on hanging shelves or simply put on a table or chest.

However, it should be noted that the use of suchSouvenirs like bast shoes, painted matryoshkas, samovars are not worth it, since it can carry negative aspects. At the sight of such elements, someone can reproach you for lack of taste when creating an interior, and this will certainly create a feeling of dissatisfaction and discomfort during the reception of guests.

By the way, if we talk about decorativeElements that are used to create an interior in the kitchen in the Russian style, it is worth paying attention to the presence of wooden patterns and ornaments. This is due to the fact that the ancient Slavs used ornaments as amulets, which can protect the house from evil spirit and spirits. Therefore, if we follow the ancient traditions and customs of the great-grandfathers, it is necessary to have such elements above the entrance to the kitchen or above the window.

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