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The best women's machines

Nissan Micra

The car won the sympathy of the weaker sexUnique design, dynamic characteristics: although this model is small, but it copes well with the speed that can be developed on city roads. Engine power of this "female" model is 88 liters. With., Thanks to which the driver in the flow of more dimensional cars feels more confident. Nissan Mikra is an ideal horse for a presentable hostess and / or busy lady. It is worth noting that in the content it is not expensive. The car salon is quite comfortable, although at first glance it may seem that it is tight. Mikra has good maneuverability, so you can park in any street without any problems.

Daewoo Matiz

This miniature car will perfectly matchWith a fragile possessor. Despite the miniature car, the cabin is quite comfortable and spacious. Matiz is ideal for a woman of short stature. Salon Matiz is quite modest, so the price of the car is not high, but do not have to hesitate about the purchase. Although the volume of the engine of this model is only one liter, but it is able to deliver its owner in time to the right place.

Kia Picanto also refers to small women's cars. Unlike Daewoo, it's a bit big, although it looks like Matiz.

Chevrolet Spark

Spark is a small comfortable female car. The design of the body of the car in 2011 was restyling and became more attractive, as a result of which the popularity of the model immediately increased. The length of Chevrolet Spark is 3.5 meters, which allows you to feel confident among the flow of many machines. The car is equipped with an easy steering control, and the softness of the pedals allows you to move quickly after the traffic light signal. The advantages of this model include the minimum turning radius.

Opel Corsa

This car model has an elegant andRefined interior. In addition, the body lines are also refined and elegant. In the environment of "female" cars this model is the most fashionable miniature car. The new Opel models are equipped with a special outboard console in the rear bumper, on which you can put a pair of bicycles.

Skoda Fabia

This small female car after being introducedChanges in appearance has become a bit like the dream of glamorous beauties - Mini Cooper. Skoda Fabia is characterized by soft, feminine features. The interior of the car is also very soft, has many compartments in which you can store all sorts of trivia. Creating the salon of this car, the developers took into account the peculiarity of the nature of women, who constantly need items of different purposes, moreover in large numbers (the proof is a women's handbag with a whole bunch of items and a mobile phone at the bottom). The car is quite economical, as fuel is consumed a little. The gears are switched clearly, and thanks to the good soundproofing of the passenger compartment, the car travels in the most comfortable environment for the driver and passengers.

Ford Fiesta

This car model can be attributed to the mostGlamorous models. The style of the body of the Fiesta simultaneously possesses elegance, predation, sexuality and refinement. That is why Fiesta is perfect for the most fashionable women. The outline of the profile of the Ford Fiesta is similar to the silhouette of a sports coupe. The body design is equipped with many solid and stylish decoration elements. Also, the car is equipped with a parking sensor, automatic switching on of the upper light, climate control, electrowelding mirrors.

Windshield wipers are equipped with a rain sensor. The windshield is equipped with heating. Thanks to all these technologies, the machine is easy and comfortable to use.

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