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Lighting in the bathroom

In addition to the standard ceiling chandelier or lamp, inBathroom can be used bold lighting techniques. It can be: illumination of the mirror in the bathroom, light from inside the shower, lighting around the shower and bath, halogen lamps in the floor will create a romantic atmosphere.

Lighting in the bathroom

Ceiling lighting in the bathroom

If the bathroom is small, it will beJust one ceiling light, well, and in a large spacious bathroom, so that the light is distributed evenly, you need to install several lamps. By the same principle, you need to choose the power of the lamps. Lamps on the ceiling can be open and built-in. For suspended ceilings, the built-in lighting fixtures are best suited, but this will not be the best option, because the light beam of the built-in luminaires does not dissipate, but is directed downwards. For bathroom lighting, projectors with an adjustable angle of rotation are mainly used. If the bathroom has high ceilings, then it is better to use ceiling pendant lamps, up to one and a half meters long, it all depends on the height of the ceiling in the bathroom.

Bathroom mirror lighting

Any room needs zoning. And in the bathroom you need to allocate space near the mirror as a separate zone. There are several such functional zones in the bathrooms, but a washbasin and a mirror are places in the bathroom that must be as light as possible. Designers advise to place symmetrically on both sides of the mirror fixtures, so they will not blind their eyes and provide good lighting. The main thing is that the light does not reflect in the mirror.

Bath Lighting

Taking a bath to relax, you need a bathSeparate furniture for the bathroom and the rest of the plumbing. Bath manufacturers offer some models of baths with independent lighting, which is an expensive and exciting solution.

Backlight on bathroom furniture

Designers offer additional lighting in the bathroom - the lighting of the bathroom furniture. And if the shelves are equipped with lighting, then opening the locker, you can easily find the right things.

Floor lighting in the bathroom

This kind of bathroom lighting isDecorative and optional. For the bathroom use hermetic and durable luminaires up to 5 W, which are used for lighting garden paths. Such lamps are protected from water ingress. To create lighting effects, use colored lights.

Lighting in the bathroom

If you think carefully about lighting in the bathroom, thenIt can be so transformed that a small bath will become visually more spacious and wider, and a large bath will become more refined, original and stylish. If you make a false window with a backlight in a small bathroom, this will solve the issue of space. And you can also increase the space due to sufficiently bright lighting, ceramic and bright mirror tiles. In a large bathroom will be beneficial multi-colored lighting and more subdued light.

Safety in the organization of lighting in the bathroom

In his quest for wealth and beautyThe interior should not forget about safety. Since the bathroom is a premise with high humidity, the organization of lighting should be in the first place here. All lighting fixtures that have metal fittings must be grounded and protected from direct contact with moisture.

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