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Modern design of apartments

Nowadays it is important and fashionable to observe fashionableTrends not only in clothing. Now there are many trends in the design of our apartments. It is this that dictates the basic canons of the interior, modern dwelling. Let's talk about new modern trends in apartment design, because we all want to make our homes fashionable and stylish.

Today at the top of the crest of the fashion wave in designAny apartment is dominated by a minimalist style. The more free space in your house, the closer you get to that style. So cluttering your apartment with various pieces of furniture and accessories is now completely out of fashion. And this is always worth remembering.

Let's start with such an important detail in the interiorApartments, as a selection of colors. After all, it is the color that can make even the most unpretentious interior quite attractive and attractive. He, as a lifebuoy, will hide all the lack of planning and thus can easily switch attention from inconspicuous objects to more colorful ones. Remember that new trends in interior design of an apartment do not require a complete change in the style of furniture. Since there is no point every season to completely update the furniture. For example, decorate the red sofa boring you with black cushions and you will immediately notice a weighty update. So with the help of the game of color, which is very boldly allowed in modern directions of housing arrangement, you can easily give a super-modern look to your old interior items. On the chairs, the cover is worn off, replace it with another one.

Now in fashion furniture with elements of the "world of safari"Modern trends of the interior dictate to us the designer's passion for stripes and spots of animal color. Why do not you pull the chairs with a cloth under the color of a zebra or a jaguar. Concerning the color of the walls, it is worth noting here that the right tone can easily enlarge a small room. This, as a rule, light pastel colors, which are very relevant in the interior of this season. It will also be a good idea if you combine the color of the floor with the color of your walls. To do this, you can simply choose the appropriate outdoor carpet. In a large room, designers are advised to lean the walls in shades such as green, blue, gray or all shades of brown. Also recently, red color, violet-orange and all shades of pink are confidently entering fashion. It is very fashionable to combine and combine different colors. For example, this season at the peak of popularity, according to designers, such combinations will become: the colors of the eternal classics are black and white with elements of gray, red with black and green with yellow. As for black color, then, most importantly, do not overdo it.

The most successful reception that will help youCurb the elusive fashion of the interior, this is an emphasis on the function of the zones of the apartment with the help of color. For example, for a bedroom, pastel colors are fashionable: peach, pink, lilac. These colors, according to experts, relax the person. Also, the peak of popularity reached the color of "metallic." For the kitchen, these colors are fashionable: yellow, green, orange and red. In children's fashionable colors are considered all shades of juicy and bright colors. The living room will become fashionable if its walls are ritualized in light and at the same time contrasting shades. Modern bathrooms should be associated with cleanliness and freshness, so here will be a successful dominant of colors such as: white, blue, pink and emerald shades. All these wall colors are best complemented with various accessories or furniture elements. Make a fashionable emphasis on the selection of paintings, vases, lamps, curtains and carpets. The more color combinations you take, the more modern the design of your apartment will look like.

It is not superfluous to note that the key momentNew trends in the design of apartments will be the so-called "seasoning to the interior." This is a variety of modern and fashionable details of furniture and accessories for the house. Today's new accessories for the comfort of our apartments are presented exclusively from natural materials (stone, glass, metal). And the main dominant attribute in this is the interior of glass. Glass shelves, coffee tables or decorative tables - all this will give your home a tangible comfort, its mistress taste for fashion.

Modern decor is also positivePresence of flowers and vases. Huge floor vases with artificial flowers in the form of abstractions will successfully complement your interior. Use of various shelves and stands in the style of high-tech - will also become a stylish accent of your apartment. Do not forget also to bring a couple of original and bizarre furniture elements to your interior. For example, a table of bent glass in the form of legs or ottoman in the form of some fruit. All these fashionable details of the decor will surely state that you are keeping pace with the times and fashion trends in the interior. But most importantly, always remember that a stylish apartment is considered to be an apartment, where each item stands in its place. This applies to every accessory and piece of furniture, including.

And I want to add that in order for yourThe apartment was in line with modern fashionable indicators, it is not necessary to live in a huge apartment. Exquisite interior is also available for a small apartment. The main thing here is to show your creativity. Listening to the advice of fashion designers, always base your interior on your personal idea of ​​comfort. Remember that the situation in the apartment, in the first place, should match the family spirit.

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