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What is now fashionable upholstered furniture

About what now fashionable furniture and what canWe will tell you right now. Leaders in the fashion trends of upholstered furniture were and remain Italian furniture factories. If we talk about what kind of soft furniture is fashionable for today, we need to start with a pattern and color. Experts argue that complex motley drawings are unacceptable, since they can cause a person only irritation. Now in the fashion soft furniture white shades. Such furniture stands out perfectly against the background of white walls, it looks very exquisite. If in your interior white furniture does not fit, you should pay attention to the two-color version, but also in light, bed colors. As for the pattern, the fashion pattern in this season is a floral pattern and a classic pattern. The main thing is that the elements of the picture are large, in the form of separate color spots, if the picture is small, then there can be a lot of variation. The ideal option is a large pattern on a monophonic light background. And if you pick up a carpet in the tone of the upholstery of the sofa, then the harmony of your interior will be assured to you.

An important part of the furniture is the armrests. They are against the background of light upholstery play a spectacular and stylish accessory. Therefore, designers pay much attention to them. There are armrests, which are exquisite handmade carvings, other armrests are covered with amalgam and highly polished. Also fashionable are colored varnishes, which, due to the pigment saturation, hide the structure of the tree, color the armrests in bright blue, yellow, red colors. It becomes a bright spot against the background of light upholstery, attracting attention. It is important that the producers pay special attention to the quality of the varnish, it must withstand the hot cup so that no traces remain.
Lovers of big companies designers did not go aroundSide, for them such fashionable direction in upholstered furniture, as style of a hippie, approaches. These are huge soft sofas, where the whole company can fit, with wide wooden armrests. The color scheme of the upholstery is very bright and varied.
It is worth recalling that now minimalism is in fashion, so fashionable upholstered furniture should not be cumbersome, should leave a maximum of free space.
The leader is the classic soft furniture. But unlike previous years, now there are no fashionable rubs, cracks, that is all that imitates the past. Today classical furniture is fashionable, which is similar to the sofas of the past, made of modern materials, using modern processing methods, adapted to the conditions of modern life. Such furniture will decorate your house, make it cozy, comfortable.
Particular attention should be given to leather furniture. Since until recently it was perceived only as an office version of furniture. Now, leather furniture in the house is very fashionable and prestigious. Modern customers increasingly attract the properties of the skin, pushing into the background tapestry, velor. Before using leather to upholstery furniture, it undergoes special treatment. For inexpensive furniture, the skin is treated with various compounds of chromium. For expensive, elite furniture, plant extracts are used. Skin treated in this way is not inferior in quality to chrome leather, but it has a lower light fastness. For the manufacture of leather furniture use the skin of various animals. The skin of pigs and cows is most often used. The color scheme of leather upholstery is quite diverse: from natural shades to bright colors. Now popular natural colors - beige, brown, black, green. The colors are neutral, and therefore suitable for any interior.

There are three types of skin. This is Natural, High Protection, Top Perfomance. They are distinguished by the presence of protective coatings. So Natural does not contain any protective coatings, it even shows the scars that the animal received during life. High Protection grade has a strong polymeric protective coating, which protects the upholstery from scratches and damages, as well as dirt. Top of the skin Top Perfomance has a less dense protective layer. Skin is elastic, soft, resistant to burnout. Serious companies usually complete with leather furniture sell products to care for it. It should be said that good leather furniture looks impressive in any interior, and is practical furniture, remaining fashionable at any time.
But no fashionable upholstered furniture will deliver youPleasure if you do not like it. Therefore, when choosing furniture, you should pay attention to what is convenient for you, and then for fashion trends. Now you know what kind of soft furniture is in fashion now, and which one can suit your house. We wish to make the right choice!
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