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Manic infatuation with a mobile phone

To date, it is very difficult to imagineMan without a mobile phone. After all, this is a modern miracle - a small subject of communication, through which each of us always remains in touch with relatives, friends and colleagues. But sometimes, even without even noticing, we get a maniacal desire to constantly climb in your cell and do it completely unnecessarily. And, given the modern capabilities of ourSmartphones and ipods: games, entertainment, multimedia, the Internet with access to social networks and much more, what can I say. Mobile manufacturers have spent more than one year of their captive work to turn the conventional means of communication into a "pocket monster of our intellect." Of course, no one could even imagine the fact that this harmless infatuation can take the form of a disease, or rather it will say "telephony".

Telephones are very common among those,Who surrounds us. Just look around you, and you will see how every third person holds a phone in his hand or just sitting on a bench, or goes in transport, is immersed in his head and is busy with his mobile. Of course, this does not at all mean that these people are visited by a maniacal desire to press the buttons of the cellular, maybe they do not have the symptoms of a telephone man. After all, many people still think, first of all, Phone and can be quite normalTo live without it. But how can we identify this illness or how close is it to us, and how to understand when a person began to live in a mobile world, crossing the line of reality when he fell victim to maniacal passion for mobile phones? And suddenly you and Have you been living the world of your phone for a long time?

Let's look at the main symptoms that appear in people with dependence on a mobile phone.

1. The telephonoman is in a constant nervous expectation that someone will call him, throw off SMS or MMS. Because of this, he carries around the apartment with his mobile or constantly nervous hand pulls it out of his pocket (bag, case) checking missed calls.

2. Often people With the dependence on the phone can talk for hoursAbout trifles with those with whom it is quite possible to communicate in "alive". That is, it's easier to call a telephone than to take two steps and talk to your opponent.

3. As soon as free time is available, immediately the telephone operator will spend it on his "pocket friend". The goals here can be different: sending SMS, MMS, access to the Internet. By the way, these people very often try to send SMS to someone, you can even say nothing.

4. These people are always Strenuously trying to update and increase the "filling"Its cellular new themes, screensavers, pictures, videos and music. For the sake of this they are willing to spend all their free time, hours digging around on the Internet or pumping it all from their friends' phones. By the way, the constantly switched on Internet connection and Bluetooth for them is considered the norm. After all, you must always be ready, so as not to miss something new and fresh.

5. If the telephone operator forgets somewhere or loses his cell phone, he, it can be safely said, goes through all his life before his eyes. He just does not find a place, his allCeases to please and starts to irritate. And in general such a person considers himself to be the most unhappy in this world, and what happened to him is the most terrible incident that simply "cut off his hands". After all, he is deprived now of the opportunity to call, and thus became simply cut off from the world.

6. These people very often chase new and improved models of mobile phones, smartphones, iPhones. After all, for them the main thing is the steepness of the apparatus, even Half of the functions in the menu are incomprehensible to them and are not needed. They constantly follow the novelties of the cellular world and try not to miss any new model presented on the mobile market. The cooler the device, the more pleasant it is to be proud of your phone.

7. Telephonomans regularly replenish their mobile account, and moreover for very large amounts. And most importantly, this amount leaves your account very quickly. And here the cost of calls and SMS sending is not at all important. After all, there is the Internet, and there are new ringtones, pictures, games, programs.

8. Every second telephone operator has several SIM cards of different operators. And even if the phone is designed for a maximum of two, three it does not stop it at all. After all, you can always buy a couple more mobile phones and with a calm soul they all carry with them.

9. People who are maniacally dependent on the mobile, very rarely release it from their hands, because they believe that this small miracle should always be at hand, or rather in hand. They often brag to friends, trying to show them the whole new "stuffing" of their phone (pictures, videos, melodies, photos).

10. Melodies instead of hooters - without this you can not imagine the phone of such a person. These melodies change like gloves, no matter how much they cost.

So we looked at the main signs simplyPainful and keen enthusiasm for your mobile phone. If you find them in yourself or your loved ones, try to change your attitude to this thing. After all, this is just an ordinary accessory from your daily life, and certainly not its meaning.

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