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How to equip a children's bedroom for 2 children

Let's start, perhaps, with the scale of the future children'sRoom. You have two children, so here it is immediately clear that the room assigned to the nursery should be rather large. A children's bedroom of medium size is the most excellent option for two children. The overall design of the room should be bright, bright, cheerful and joyful. Here it is worth considering the fact that the psyche of children is very sensitive and therefore they are much more sensitive than adults perceive everything that surrounds them. Therefore, the walls of the room should be painted in a light and colorful hue, which will please the children. But if you are supporters of wallpaper, then choose them directly, with children's funny drawings. Sex is the most important place in the nursery. After all, it is on it that your children will spend most of their time. Since playing on the floor is much more fun than sitting on a chair at the table. Therefore, the title, the central part of the room, should not be forced by various pieces of furniture or children's accessories. Kids need to feel freedom playing in their room. Regarding the flooring, it is worth using a warmed-up carpet, which should complement the design of the walls, that is, to be close to the children's theme. Concerning the safety of kids, remember that children are always curious and very rarely sit still, especially if they are two children. In order to protect them from various unpleasant situations, you should take care that your kids are not threatened. Start with the electrical outlets, placing special "plugs" on them. Do not put in the children's bedroom, beating objects, and even more so stitching and small things. As for furniture for children, it should be chosen with rounded corners of environmentally friendly materials (natural wooden manufactories). The best option for equipping a children's bedroom is if you order furniture in a carpentry workshop. There necessarily take into account your wishes and features.

Let's start with the beds for your children. Since you have two, there must be two beds. In no case do not connect the beds, try to place them at a noticeable distance from each other. Let your kids accustom themselves to the sensation of their territory, where each of them is the master of his place, for the order of which he will follow. Under each of the beds you need to install a box, where the kids will fold their toys. This is the best way for children not to struggle for toys. If you still want to move away from the stereotypes of two beds in the bedroom, then pay attention to the transformer bed. These are beds that can easily be hidden in a furniture wall for a day, thereby freeing up the playing area for babies. Still, as an option, can purchase a bunk bed. This bed saves space in the room and is very suitable if you have 2 children. Beds, whatever you choose for children, always try to put as far as possible from the door and the window. The best place will be a neutral free wall.

Do not forget about such items of furniture as the table,Chairs, wardrobe. Let's start with the table. The best option would be a table that is attached to the furniture wall (located in its niche). Above him, there must be two shelves for books and toys. Each of the kids has a separate shelf. The table should be of medium size, so that it would be convenient for children to do their own business for them. Consider also the case if you decide to purchase a computer over time. So the presence in the table of a sliding shelf under the keyboard and a place for the system unit will never interfere in the future. The table is best placed close to the room window. Here it is worth remembering that the rays of light must fall to the left of the working part of the table. Now consider the option of chairs for the nursery (two are enough). First of all pay special attention to their comfort. They should not spoil your posture. The best choice will be chairs with adjustable seat and back, bright color and design. Place them in the "workplace", that is, near the table. Another important thing that must necessarily complement the children's bedroom is the closet. In our case, there should be two. If again, in order to save space, you do not want to make the room furniture, then the closet can easily be replaced by a chest of drawers or a curbstone, in duplicate. Or make a small wardrobe for two compartments on request. It really takes a little space and justifies itself in this. Just do not mirror the sliding doors of his doors. Replace them with wooden or plastic ones. On such doors, under the same order, you can put any original children's drawing.

Regarding the lighting of the children's room, hereIt would be appropriate to use fixtures made of textiles or plastic for bedside lighting. The most basic requirement for them is bright colors and drawings in their design. For example, an image of cartoon characters or children's books. Of the general lighting, halogen fixtures are suitable, which must be mounted in the ceiling and a desk lamp on the table, which should always be installed on the left.

I think, now you are definitely determined howYou can arrange a children's bedroom for two kids. And you will not be at all difficult to create in the room of your children a unique and unique children's world where a bright and comfortable atmosphere will reign.

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