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The most modern female mobile phone - how to choose?

We will begin, perhaps, with the size of the mobile. It is for the female phone that it is of great importance. It is much more pleasant and original will be when the girl will hold in her hand a miniature and neat mobile phone, and not a rough phone, reminiscent of the home tube. So the ideal size, suitable for a modern female phone, is considered to be a mobile that the girl can wrap around with her fingers, or a mini version that will take very little space on the palm. In short, a female mobile phone should be small, elegant and light.

The second important criterion is how to chooseA female mobile phone, is his design and style. This is something that should please the female eye and distinguish the female mobile phone from the male. Let's start with the color scheme - this is usually bright contrasting colors of the telephone case: red (all its shades), pink, purple, blue, white, beige or even considered to be acceptable combined color options. For example, now it is very often used the option of replacing the phone's panels for various other color variations that come with this phone. What for the girl is not the best choice - a phone model with a replaceable socket. You can always replace the panel with a different color, which will emphasize the style of your clothes, shoes, bags or the color of the nail polish. Also an important role in the appearance of a modern female mobile phone is played by decorative design: patterns, ornaments, rhinestones. An example of this can be the sensational phones of the collection "La Fleur" from "Samsung", which in their design combine a stylish pattern applied, in combination with the bright color of the shell. If you have a stormy fantasy and your design imagination does not have chapels, then the mobile, decorated with rhinestones or decorative naples - this is what you are looking for. This phone is considered the last cry of glamor and sophistication in the world of female cellular. By the way, in the latter case, it is not necessary to search for an exact copy of such a phone, it is enough to buy any modern image model of a female phone and simply give it to designers who, in turn, will turn it into an exquisite and original accessory. Inserts made of leather, ceramics, glass, fur, transfer of various images to the mobile phone body - this all, first of all, will say that you are a modern and fashionable lady.

Now let's talk about the features of the mobile phone,Which must be taken into account when you pay attention to the most modern female mobile phone, when the problem is acute, how to choose it. The main thing is that it was not only fashionable, but also functional. Let's start with the shape of the tube and the display. The tube, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, should be small, with rounded edges, thin, a smooth protuberance of the rear cover is allowed. If it's a phone with buttons for dialing a number, then it's worth considering the fact that typing SMS messages with long nails is a thankless task. Or the nail can be broken, or even the buttons can hardly hit. So here it is worth considering this in the first place. Therefore, the touch screen is what you need. It is trendy, comfortable and at the same time functional. Very important is the brightness of the screen, the bright and accurate transmission of the colors of the picture or picture. And more importantly, the turned-off display should replace the mirror.

Functional requirements for a female cellular phoneGirls and women look like this. Mobile should be loud, so that it was easy to hear and even more so to find in a purse. The most modern phone should have a full set of multimedia: a music player, a radio, Internet access (both WI-FI Internet access and traditional), direct access to social networks and e-mail, the possibility of using additional external memory cards, and here, The more, the better, and also have a camera. As for the latter, the camera built into the phone must necessarily make high-quality pictures and video. That is, have a flash and be no less than 2 mega pixels. SMS, MMS and Bluetooth, support for java games - this is also something without which it is impossible to imagine a ladies' phone. Of the additional "feminine tricks" that complemented the female mobile, or rather its menu of functions, there should be programs like calorie counting, time for a diet (reminder), a counting function for making purchases, an organizer and a calculator. Or special programs, for example, to choose hairstyles for your photos and hair colors. The style of the general menu should be simple and accessible. So the right combination of design and multifunctionality is the main trump of the female phone.

Another important criterion, which is worthStick in the case of how to choose a good female phone, this is his battery charger (battery). It is just on him and it is worth paying the most attention. After all, the normal and long-term work of the mobile depends on the quality battery. It should be as energy-intensive as possible and react normally to cold and heat. By the way, here it is worth remembering also the fact that who, if not we, women, like to hang for hours on the phone, chatting about this and that with her friends. So from the often charging batteries it is worth noting.

And now say a few words about the modelA number of the most modern female mobile phones. The best models for the girl will be phones in the form of all the same clamshell or compact slider that we like. Just here you can safely and confidently include touchscreen smartphones, which recently reached a high peak of popularity. Well, the exclusive collection of women's phones in the form of a powder or lipstick simply themselves ask themselves in our hands. Regarding the variety and choice of phones, it is represented by a very large assortment of collections of women's phones. The matter of choice is only for you.

Finally, always try to choose a mobilePhone to match your character and image. If you are bright, cheerful and young girl - your phone should emphasize this, and if you are a business woman, then the mobile must correspond to this status. After all, it is difficult to stop at one model of the most modern female mobile phone - and how to choose it, the only one, let your heart tell!

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