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Accessories for children's room for children from 3 years old

First of all, when choosing accessories forChildren's room for children from 3 years old you should consider the overall needs of the child at this age. During this period the baby is very curious, mobile and cheerful. The child is more interested in so-called plot games with symbolic toys: the girl is a doll, the boy is a machine. Therefore, as much as possible to buy toys of this type. For the boy of different models of children's color machines, and for the girl there are a lot of dolls. It is desirable to have different sizes and with sets of things to them. As for the story game, here it is worthwhile to get a variety of children's sets for a doctor or a hairdresser. Pay as much attention to toys and subjects that develop the logical thinking of the baby. These are different cubes, molds for picking up space for them or sets of logic games, in which you can play with the child.

Since the second half of the third year of accessoriesFor a children's room is to buy a designer for collection or a variety of sets of children's mosaics. It's all you must help to collect the child with him. Books and pictures should be given to children about events and heroes that are close and familiar to them. In the children's room for children from 3 years old, it is necessary to place a book shelf with various books, with pictures and drawings for the baby, also it is worth remembering the existence of children's fairy tales, which you must read to your child. To children's coloring books, get colored pencils or markers and, in addition, grab an album for drawing. This will improve and develop the creative skills of the child. In three years, the child's speech is just beginning to be enriched, the child begins to express his desires and emotions in words. To enrich the vocabulary of the child, buy as many discs as possible with collections of cartoons.

Still it is worth remembering that accessories for children forChildren aged 3 years should be bright and please the child. Therefore, if you furnish the room with soft toys of different sizes, your baby will always be in a good and playful mood. It will be nice to buy some toys with sound effects: a music box, a talking bear or a meowing cat. And also put on the shelves of various items that emphasize natural outlines. For example, applications of colored paper in the form of leaves from trees or flowers, thanks to this the child will feel in a natural setting and to know the world around him.

Regarding entourage and furnishings, hereIt is also worth applying the color variety: a bright palasse (a soft mat made of natural materials is best suited), curtains, lamps. Regarding the latter, a textile lamp, painted with cartoon characters - is what you need. By the way, at the age of 3 years it is very important to teach the baby to order, as this is the main guarantee of his future. Therefore, it is necessary to force the child, so that after the game he hides toys in a specially designated place for this. To this end, put in the children's room a special toy box, where he will put them. Or hang, as it is now fashionable in the interior of children's bedrooms, a hanging basket for toys. It can be chosen as large (with 6 departments), and small (with 2-3 departments). It can also be an option of a floor basket for storing children's toys. It can be decorated and include various images of cartoon characters or simply have the shape of any animal, this basket is very comfortable, since it has side handles for moving. Due to this, it can easily be rearranged to the right place in the room. If you want to excel in originality, then you need a bright chest made of dense textiles directly for children's toys. This is the best option among the accessories for the children's room.

During the creative work the kid must learnsit at the table. So in the room it is necessary to put a special children's table and chair with a colorful cover for it from sets of furniture for children. This will help the baby to get the correct posture. A child's bed can be decorated with cheerful cushions in the form of a sun, a heart or a flower, it will certainly please your baby.

Accessories for the children's room will be a good addition to the mini locker for children with drawers. It is desirable that he was bright and attracted attention, thereby capturing the child to put things there.

From other accessories for the nursery we would likeCall colorful posters, calendars or posters with your favorite fairy tale characters. Also, you can hang puzzles collected by you with the baby on the wall, pasting them on the cardboard. You can also hang a special children's mirror on the wall, the frame of which will be made in the form of little animals and cartoon characters. Put in the room a colorful and original growth meter. Kids love to measure their growth and at ease do it every day. Buy a children's easel for drawing, which will help the child to grow a real artist. These are all the above accessories you can buy in a special store or do some of them yourself. Remember, the main thing here is your imagination and ability. After all, the children's room should always be colorful, boring, interesting, so that your child would be happy to be in it. Therefore, in addition to the standard set of furniture for the children's room, it should be supplemented with interesting and original accessories that will certainly create a truly childlike atmosphere. And finally, we note that the main functional responsibility of accessories for children is that they should not only be unusual, but at the same time - practical.

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