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Design of ceilings in living areas


Work on coloring and preparation for it is not veryRoads, but there are many. First remove the old paint from the ceiling, whitewash or wallpaper, then level: plaster, shpaklyuyut, sealing seams and cracks. Apply a layer of plaster, and then putty should be for several stages, waiting for each layer to dry. To create a level surface of the ceilings in living quarters, the last layer is rubbed with sandpaper. Then ground, and then color it. The paint is applied in two or three layers - with a roller, brush or spray. When choosing the latter option, the most smooth coating is obtained without a trace of the brush and the bristles emerging from it. Whitewash and oil paint have sunk into oblivion. Today for the finishing of ceilings, water-based or water-dispersion paints are used. They look better and are amenable to washing. Minus - during the repair work your apartment is pretty dirty.

The type of ceiling (visibility of seams and cracks) depends onQuality of the floor itself, on how good the materials are and how professional the workers are. With the help of matte paint, you can hide defects, glossy, on the contrary, emphasizes. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to make the ceiling perfectly flat in old houses.

A painted ceiling is suitable for any room. If you are flooded by neighbors, yellow splotches will appear on the surface. But if this does not happen, the ceiling will last at least 10 years.

Pasted wallpaper

Wallpaper paste on pre-leveled(As in the previous case) ceiling. In no case should newspapers be used as a basis: after a while they will necessarily appear, especially if the wallpaper is light, thin.

For gluing the ceiling, the embossedWallpaper, which consist of two-layer paper: they can hide a number of small irregularities and defects. Of the wallpaper is more expensive to choose wallpaper "for painting." There are two types: two-layer paper with interlayer of chips between them and a paper layer based on non-woven fabric. Any of them after pasting it is necessary to paint with water-emulsion paint. Over time, you can repaint, and the ceiling will look like new. According to experts, good wallpaper is repainted up to 10 times. Prior to the first repainting, the ceiling will last for five years.

The glued ceiling can not be done in wet rooms: a toilet, a bathroom and a kitchen. If the neighbors are flooded, high-quality wallpaper is usually repainted, cheap ones will have to be removed and re-glued.

Ceiling from plates

The design of "tiled" ceilings in living areas inThe present time is extremely in demand. Ceiling plates are made of polystyrene. The standard size of the slab is 50x50 cm. Adheres to any pre-leveled surface. Plates are non-laminated and laminated. The first wipe only with a dry rag or vacuum, you can cover them with water-based paint. Laminated ceiling boards are covered with a film, so they are allowed to wash, and therefore, and use in any premises. The surface of the plates can be smooth, embossed, imitating wood carvings or elements of gypsum stucco. Pasting with foam does not require an ideal leveling of the surface: the material hides minor defects. However, if the ceiling is very "hunchbacked", there may be a mismatch in the height of the plates.

When flooding slabs do not fall off, howeverTheir surface appears stains. Damaged plates can be replaced with new ones, but since the foam under the influence of light turns yellow, they may differ in tint. The ceiling of the plates will last 5-10 years.

Suspended tile

On the perimeter of the room are screwed specialaluminum or steel corners, the space is "poured" by the cells along the guides of different lengths from the same metal. In the resulting honeycombs are inserted plates, and they cut into the lamps. The standard slab dimensions are -60x60 cm or 60x120 cm, thickness - 15 mm. During operation, there is practically no dirt. The only drawback - it is impossible to achieve a perfectly flat surface throughout the ceiling. Plates produce different colors and textures (smooth, rough or embossed). Some plates have special properties: acoustic - reduce the echo and can lead to a decrease in the overall noise level in the room; Moisture resistant - great for bathroom and kitchen; Anti-impact and anti-microbial coating.

All plates can be vacuumed or wiped drycloth, waterproof - wash. If a plate is heavily soiled, it is extracted and washed separately. When flooding, ordinary plates swell, and they have to be changed. Plates with a high clay content can be covered with stains, which will have to be washed. Stains on steel plates are easily erased. The film spots will not appear at all if the water does not leak over the edge of the tile under the protective coating, and if this happens, it will help out the usual soap. Plain slabs will last five years. Steel will not spoil in twenty.

Suspended rack and pinion

Reiki made from aluminum, covering thenenamel or varnish. Length - 6, 3 or 4 m, width 30-150 mm, thickness 0.5-0.6 mm. Reiki can be with a "closed joint" - like a wooden boarding, and with "open" - between them there will be small gaps, which is why they are suitable, mainly, only for high (more than 3 m) ceilings. Reyki some types of "open joint" suggests inserts of aluminum strips, which close the gaps.

Suspended lath ceiling suitable for anyPremises. It has a high frost and fire resistance, and panels with perforations improve the acoustic and ventilation properties of the room. When flooding, spots appear that are easily erased. The service life of a quality reiki is twenty years.

Gypsum plasterboard

First, specialThe devices on which the metal frame of the ceiling clings. To it fasten sheets of a cardboard impregnated with plaster, 6-10 mm in thickness. Inside hiding electrical wiring and other communications. Then drill holes for built-in lamps, chandeliers.

Gypsum plasterboard ceiling is used in any residentialrooms, but in the wet one needs a special moisture resistant gypsum board. At a flooding on a ceiling there will be spots which should be cleaned, putty and paint. The ceiling will last at least ten years.


Such ceilings can be almost any colorand a pattern, matte, glossy, satin, leather, suede, marble, metal, as well as fabric and film. On the perimeter of the room nailed fastening, then using a gas heated sheet, it becomes more elastic and stretches perfectly, which makes it possible to pull a perfectly flat ceiling and fill it in the profile.

The film tension ceiling is a canvas of PVC film with a width of 1.5-2 m. The seams on the ceiling are almost invisible. It can be washed with an alcohol-based glass care product.

Fabric is made of material "meshpolyester ", which is reinforced with nylon and impregnated with polyurethane. It can be painted with any ceiling paint, and can be ordered with a ready-made design. Width - up to 5 m. At installation it is not necessary to take out furniture from the room.

Stretch ceiling is used for ceiling designin residential premises of any type. It is heavy-duty, environmentally friendly and fireproof. Each square meter can withstand up to 100 liters of water, so when flooding a team of installers will remove water and install the ceiling in its original place.

Manufacturers give a guarantee of 10 years, but the termservice stretch ceiling is almost unlimited, because over time it does not change color and does not lose its strength. The only thing he is afraid of is sharp objects.

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