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Going on holiday, what you need to take to the road

According to experts, you need to know and considerThe basic rules that will help you in collecting things. Things should be collected on a pre-compiled list, this should include documents, money, a list of different things for each day and hygiene products.

It is necessary to keep the documents necessary for traveling: a passport (and a photocopy), a credit card, a medical insurance policy, a driver's license, tickets.

Determine for yourself the amount of cash,Which you are going to spend and put in several places of storage. Take traveler's checks and credit cards. You should always keep in mind that you will have to spend on unforeseen needs. Therefore, you need to have a certain financial reserve - and try not to touch it until the last day of your holiday (or, better, bring it home).

Provide yourself with a connection. Check the contact numbers of the travel company that provides services, hotels, guides. If you are going to rest abroad, then you need to have your embassy phone number in this country. Connect the roaming service and check if the charger is not forgotten.

Important are the following things: Means of sunburn and from motion sickness (if you suffer from this ailment), hygienic lipstick, favorite perfume, headdress and sunglasses. If you go abroad, do not take a hairdryer, any hotel has all household appliances, besides, European-style sockets are simply not suitable for forks of domestic electrical appliances.

What to take on vacation
Clothing should be taken in a universal way so that she canRush in any combination and was comfortable. In the wardrobe for travel, you need to take on the road shorts, one evening dress and short sundresses. Putting things in a suitcase is a responsible process that requires a certain sequence. At the bottom of the suitcase put the wrapped in a package of shoes, on top place warm clothes. Shirts, T-shirts, trousers, blouses and skirts, everything should be carefully folded and stacked from above - so they do not crumple strongly.

Listen to the advice of people - do not take inA long journey of white things, you will find it extremely difficult to wash and pat them. Yes, and whether it is necessary to spend on this precious time of vacation? The ideal option for travel will be things with viscose content, they do not crumple and are not very polluted.

We collect toothpaste, shampoos and other liquid preparations into the way - we wrap them in a bag and place them so as to exclude shedding.

Top the most necessary items: A small road medical kit, it should contain essentials, a cosmetic bag with personal hygiene items, as well as your medicine that you take all the time. It is important to approach the collection of the first aid kit responsibly: and most importantly, that it contains painkillers and antipyretic agents.

What do you need to take with you on the road
Of the items of clothing that are needed on vacation:
- a headpiece that protects you from sunlight;

- bathing suit and not one;

- Comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics for relaxing on the beach;

- Warm clothes for the evening, for example, a windbreaker;

- comfortable shoes with low heels;

- elegant clothes for visiting restaurants and cafes;

- a camera with spare batteries or batteries, flash memory cards, a charger.

A vacation, like everything else, sooner or laterComes a logical conclusion. And in order to smoothly move from a state of some vacation euphoria to working days, one should listen to the advice of psychologists. They recommend immediately after returning from vacation to gather friends for a party. To treat them with something delicious and in a friendly conversation talk about their impressions, about rest, about what they saw and show their photos.

Going on vacation, we know what is neededTake in the road. Of course, these are only general rules, but hopefully they will help you avoid the most annoying gaffes when collecting for the road. Have a nice trip!
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