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Meet the new year with children

A wonderful family long-awaited holidayThe New Year will be unforgettable, leaving only pleasant feelings, emotions and safety, if you stick to some of the following rules. And do not forget to tell your husband that we are celebrating the New Year with the children, and let him not plan for the evening of other meetings.

Irresponsible, indifferent attitude to suchAn important event can create in the image of your child the wrong attitude towards him. It is better to show the significance of a family holiday from childhood by celebrating it together. Thus, your child will have a good opinion not only about the holiday itself, but also about you. The magic of the New Year's night will be very large in the case when parents tell all those close to them: "We are celebrating the new year with all our relatives and necessarily with the kids." Your children will just be delighted with such a proposal. After all, on your favorite holiday will be not only friends, but also the most dear to the heart, close people - parents.

Green Christmas tree. Take for yourself the rule of saying thatWe meet with children and a live Christmas tree this wonderful New Year. After all, even the most heaped, steep, artificial Christmas tree can not replace the real, lively, green, with a beautiful aroma of Christmas tree. It will be better to interest your child with a live tree. But it is worthwhile to understand that buying this tree is not a simple maintenance of tradition. After all, the smell of spruce can form a secret sensation in your baby. No wonder that in numerous fairy tales with such heroes as Santa Claus or Santa Claus, they are obliged to visit their homes, where only living spruce is present.

Healthy sleep. Undoubtedly, an adult man is easierEndure a sleepless New Year's Eve, which can not be said of little children. So, it's better if you let your baby sleep in the afternoon. In order to be able to provide the child, maybe an unusual day's sleep for him, you can just lie down with him side by side, while making it clear that you will also rest with him. What is it for? Yes, so that your child does not become capricious and just willingly went to bed with you. After all, little kids are used to imitate their parents. It is also worth explaining to him the reason for this unusual sleep for him.

Calendar with own hands. Any kids like it when around themTheir parents are fussy. So they begin to feel very important family members. For some time before the New Year, in about two weeks, you can create an unusual calendars yourself. This little thing can not only remind the baby of the approach of New Year's night, but also become an indispensable attribute of the day, if you approach it from a creative, intriguing side. In order, for example, to wean your child off too much sweet food, you can normalize his use with the help of a calendar. At the end of the day it is allowed to eat a certain portion of sweets, each of which will be attached to the daily date from the homemade. The child will wait for a certain amount of time, which you indicate in the calendar, as a peculiar mode of the day. In the same way, you can teach the child to read poems at the end of the day, draw or sing and so on.

Play together. It is not necessary for the parent to invent allThe scenario of the upcoming games on New Year's Eve. After all, your child will certainly find a couple of thoughts, ideas for creating his own unique, interesting game scenario. Yes, and a joint solution of such "problems" will very much bring you closer, maybe even help you get to know each other better. Your baby will be very nice, fun, interesting to spend time with you, because you trust him important business. Even if you have to clean up after him, you should not even think about scolding him. By the way about cleaning, you do not need to start a general, large-scale cleaning last night, it will just take away all your time. It is better to bring the house in order in advance, a day so for two.

We are photographed all together. It is impossible to just imagine any holidayWithout a joint photo. You can just arrange a family photo shoot, where everyone will be photographed both in turn and together with each other. Such photos can give an opportunity to recall the departed, unforgettable, perfectly spent holidays. And just be a beautiful object in the frame in your interior. Photographs are also able to distract any person from the New Year's fuss, which will inevitably be present.

Serious errands. Children, as a rule, are very frolicking beforeBig holidays, which can become a hindrance to the process of preparing the New Year's table. To exclude this unpleasant factor, you can come up with serious commitments for your baby. It can be the decoration of the New Year tree with other relatives, children or dad, you just need to buy pre-shattered and safe toys. Or ask the baby to put things in order in the closet, in which you need to put things well on the shelves. That the child could successfully cope with this assignment, it is possible to call for help any adult person. You at this time can calmly take up New Year's Eve dinner. But do not forget also that you do not need to scold a child, because you entrusted him with an important matter, even if he copes with it unsuccessfully.

Attention at the table. Undoubtedly, the child will need an eye yesEye in the reception of dinner .. Communicating with other guests, you can digress from it and not notice how the child will eat a lot of sweet or forbidden for him (in view of any allergies). When the child is still small, you can not see how he pulls a chicken or fish from the table and accidentally chokes them. With children it is better to try not to drink a lot of alcohol, you can just lose control over yourself and your child. Just in case, you can ask someone from a number of sitting guests to look after the child.

Happiness in the New Year to you and your kiddies.

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