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Modern bedroom, design

Bedroom design

A competent bedroom design is very important! We can see that some things are out of place. And, for example, the inappropriate coloring of the bedroom seems to suit the eye, but does not fit with our temperament. Accordingly, discontent is postponed to the subconscious. And as a result, the result is one: after a dream or a spent time in a room, we feel broken.

If you decide to change the design and make a modern bedroom, answer yourself to a few questions:

• Who will continue to occupy the bedroom?

• What is the personal style of a person, his preferences?

• What will the bedroom be used for? From the options can be not only a dream, but also reading books, listening to music, watching TV and so on.

• What size will the bed be?

• What other furniture is missing in the room (desk, soft armchair, dressing table, ottoman, small sofa)?

• Where do you need target lighting (on the nightstand, or on the desk)?

• What equipment do you need in your bedroom (telephone, tape recorder, TV)?

Have you answered these questions? Then we proceed to analyze each of them. Before we start talking about the design of the room itself, I would like to say that if possible, do not place the bedroom near the kitchen or the front door. And it is desirable that it is not a checkpoint. All extraneous sounds will still distract from a proper rest.

Arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

Recently, minimalism has become fashionable. Against the fashion trends, we have nothing against, but still be guided first and foremost by your tastes and sensations. Avoid unnecessary amount of furniture, as the excess of it will cause a feeling of clutter. But the lack of it will leave emptiness. Therefore, first arrange the necessary items, bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, and then look around, listening to your feelings. Do you have enough? Just do not have to live by the principle: every angle must be made.

The bed is the central figure, even in theModern bedroom. It should be functional, simple and modern, and most importantly - convenient. One of the main rules for placing a bed is to see the front door and the window. On the subconscious for us, this is the place of the threat. Single bed can be placed along the wall, a double bed is usually placed against the wall with a headboard. Also, do not let your sleeping place be near the window, you will surely be disturbed by drafts.

If space allows, it would be good to createFull dressing room. In the opposite case, the built-in wardrobe is suitable. Sliding doors will not go beyond the cabinet, which, undoubtedly, is considered a plus for small bedrooms. It can be placed either just to the wall, or to make a corner, which will make it possible to rationally use the space of the room. Mirror facades visually expand the room without loss of comfort. If the funds permit, it is easier to buy the entire bedroom set, which includes a bed, a wardrobe, bedside tables, a dressing table and a mirror. The whole set will be made in the same style and color scheme.

Some experts advise not to placeTechnique in the bedroom, as all the know-how of civilization is distracted and does not give a full relaxation. However, if you do not see life without a TV in the bedroom, then he can take his place in the same wardrobe with glass doors. Things will be stored next door on other shelves.

A small bedside table can be placed overLarge, pre-painted them in one color. This option will give you a place to store things without taking up space. In this case, take care of safety: from the back side of the nightstand can be fastened together.

I wanted to pay attention to the mirrors. By feng shui, mirrors - this is not the best idea for a bedroom. They reflect us, sleepy and unhappy. So be careful, one mirror will be enough.

Bedroom lighting

Lighting in a modern bedroom should not beBright and bothersome. You can even abandon the central lighting, and certainly refuse from the huge lighting fixtures on the ceiling. The ideal option is a layered lighting. You can use several sconces with the use of frosted glass or a couple of table lamps on the bedside tables, covered with lampshades. Recently popular are halogen lamps, mounted in the suspended ceiling or in the walls. Also, the light should be directional and clear. If you want to read before going to bed, the lighting should not interfere with someone who can sleep with you. In this you will help and floor lamp.

Colors of the interior

When choosing the color palette of a modern bedroomRooms only consider your taste. After all, someone is more pleasant in light shades, and someone finds comfort in a dark room. Above all, avoid bright contrasts. For example, choose matte shades and preferably without flowers. Planning a modern bedroom design, remember that the best colors for a good rest and relaxation are green, beige and gently blue tones. Of course, red, orange, lilac and other variegated palette can also be present in the interior, but only in individual decorative elements.

Pleasant details

In the bedroom you need to make onlypositive emotions. In this you will be helped by photos in interesting frames, arranged on furniture or hung on the walls. You will be helped to raise the mood of memories of the joyful moments in your life and the lives of loved ones. Make the interior of the bedroom comfortable, and decorative pillows. Their choice is so diverse that your imagination may not have boundaries. Combine them with each other, and with a coverlet, with wallpaper and curtains.

Great attention will be paid to curtains. Restriction can only be your taste and imagination. The only important requirement for curtains can be the fact that they have to delay the sunny color. In small details, modern bedroom designers advise avoiding a huge number of frills, ruches and other similar things, since their use is not justified. Only creates the effect of philistinism.

Remember: having correctly formed a modern sleeping room, the design of which will be to your liking, you will get not only a stylish interior, but also a healthy rest and sleep.

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