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Design project of a small kitchen

Small Kitchen Project.
For our apartment, we will choose a country style, heWill help create comfort and coziness, due to a warm shade of wood and traditional cellular materials. This color solution will give a little more space and light.

We put the kitchen set in the corner of the room, letIt will be a light color, such as melted milk, it will create heat in the kitchen due to playing shades and glare on the facades, they can have a glossy surface or glazing and give the kitchen an unforgettable light.

The position of the working zones will give comfort to the zoneCooking, the owner will not need to search for necessary items for a long time, they will all be at hand. It is better to organize activities in order to work comfortably and not to push on not a large space. It is more convenient to stand in one place and take the right frying pan, pan, wash the food, and after a little turning to cut them for cooking, it will be better than hampering yourself in the movements to find the right object, so you can burn yourself and injure yourself.

Choosing a kitchen set.
In the organization of the working area,Attention to all tastes and habits, all the details, right up to who you are right-handed or left-handed. When choosing a kitchen set, close your eyes for a moment and imagine how you will move on it when preparing a dinner, then you will understand whether this kitchen is suitable or not, how the drawers come out, how the doors open. This will be the main principles in a comfortable and excellent furniture design.

To create a country style in a small kitchenUse the cage in the curtains, it will give the necessary effect of home comfort, create a small contrast in this light and warm kitchen. The walls are covered with wallpaper with an interesting drawing depicting a menu from a restaurant or a cafe, they are suitable for the kitchen. Pastel and soft tones will give a link to the kitchen set, and will not contrast with the decorative elements and pieces of furniture. Very gloomy or bright wallpaper, or with a contrasting small picture will create an accent that draws attention to the borders of the kitchen, visually reduce it. In one style and tone to the wallpaper will be decorated apron, which is in the working area of ​​the headset, it will have a picture of a still life on which there will be appropriate objects and fruits.

Kitchen table with a corner bench.
The main subject in the kitchen will be a table, in thisDesign project he will be presented in the form of a kitchenette. Kitchen, comfortable table with a huge table top will be a good find, if its shape is oval, so you can easily walk around the kitchen without injuring yourself with sharp corners of the kitchen table. This is the best option, if there are children in your home, you will not have to worry if the rest of your apartment is playing active games of your fidgets. The corner bench will give the possibility that a large number of people will sit at the table, this is important when the guests come. And if we put here a couple of stools that do not take up much space, this will be an additional place for sitting. A lamp with a shade will complete the rustic style in the kitchen, will give a warm glow and a pleasant reflection from the light source on the table.

In conclusion, we add that the design projectA small kitchen, will help create a cozy design in an oversized kitchen, and show many that on these square meters you can cook and eat in comfort and comfort.

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