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Tips for the designer: how to choose the color of the room - wallpaper

In order to navigate in the boundlessOcean, experts recommend before going to the store to clearly determine for themselves what kind of wallpaper you want and what tasks they will help you solve. Do not need to go for the purchase of wallpaper in the hope that you will accidentally meet the "wallpaper of your dreams." After coming home, and starting to glue, it may turn out that your "dream" does not fit your interior in any way. And this means that you have spent your time and money in vain.

When choosing wallpaper decor, we can drawAttention to three aspects, such as texture, color and pattern. We will turn to the designer for advice on choosing wallpaper colors. After all, it is their color solution that is much more important than any texture or figure.

And so, how to choose the right color for ourRoom, that is, the color of the wallpaper for her? In choosing their color, you need to pay attention to the orientation of the room to the sides of the world, its dimensions and what functions it performs in your home.

Choose cool wallpaper tones, such as blue,Green, blue, follows for rooms that look to the south. And warm colors, on the contrary, are preferable for "northern" rooms, thereby compensating for the lack of sunlight.

How to select wallpapers in a room

In a large room you can easily pasteWallpaper, which have deep, rich colors. At a time when in small rooms the same wallpaper will create a sense of tightness, because they have the ability to visually narrow space. Of course, this does not mean that in a small room you can not paste a wallpaper of dark tones. Of course, you can. If you so want, and they fit the style decision of the entire room. Similarly, light wallpaper can be pasted in a large room in your house, because thanks to them you can visually expand the room even more, make it more extensive. In general, the choice of wallpaper depends on what you want to get as a result. You can make it so that the walls seem to be gone, but you can also vice versa - clearly distinguish them. After all, the darker the color and the deeper the shade will be on them, the more walls there will be in your house, and the more powerful they will look.

Naturally, what you need to choose wallpaperAdhering to and matching the functional side of your room and their colors. For example, red color has the ability to excite a person's psyche, which means that such color in the wallpaper of the bedroom will help in wakefulness, but not in rest. This red color in the kitchen contributes to the development of an excessive desire to eat. It should not be used at home, but in cafes and restaurants it is only in the hands of their owners. If you choose a wallpaper for a children's room, you should choose the lighter shades and tones of the yellow-orange scale. For the living room can be allowed unlimited color freedom.

An integral factor in the choice of wallpaper is consideredBinding of their color with shades of curtains, carpet, with a color solution of lamps and furniture in general. All pieces of furniture and components of your interior in general, should create harmony, in general, and in the color plan separately. With the help of wallpaper, you can tie in and bring coherence to the unsuccessfully combined color decisions of furniture. For example, it would seem an absolute bad taste combination in the room of purple chairs with blue curtains. But pasting wallpaper deep yellow color, which will be combined with blue and purple, these two items of the interior will be saved, although it turns out a very motley picture.

It is worth drawing your attention to the fact that wallpaperIt is mandatory to try on the room in which you want to paste them. If you choose a new color for this room, you need to first ask for a small piece from the roll of the color that you liked. Do try new wallpapers at different times. Conduct this experiment in a sunny and cloudy weather, with natural and artificial light.

Wallpapers in a bright room

You should also remember a few simple designer tips on how to choose the color of the room (wallpaper).

- if the room wallpaper is blue-green, then under the same lighting it will be perceived as colder than the same room with wallpaper of orange color;

- red color irritates the human psyche, green - calms, and yellow creates a feeling of warmth and fun;

- the perception on the walls depends on the lighting inRoom. If the room is on the south side, the sun's rays emit warm tones, and vice versa, if the room is in the north side of the house, cold tones are prominent;

- In dark rooms it is best to glue light wallpaper, and in well-lit rooms should be wallpaper saturated colors;

- changing wallpaper in all rooms of the apartment, you needRemember that it is better to avoid and monotony in choosing the color scheme of the wallpaper, and the obvious contrasts. It is better not to use very pale colors in one house and very saturated at the same time. This can lead to what will ripple in the eyes of you and your guests.

- it is worth remembering that wallpaper is only a background in your room, but it can, how to emphasize the winning side of the whole interior, and make your room "no";

It is possible to state with full certainty thatAn elementary and affordable way to improve the appearance of your house is to change old wallpaper to new ones. And if you make their choice consciously and take into account designer's advice, then you will be satisfied with your choice. This will please both yourself and your loved ones with this simple but effective thing like changing the interior of your house that will revive it and give you new colors and impressions.

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