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How to usefully spend the weekend

How to spend a weekend with benefit?
It is important how much time will be spent onRest, but also the quality of the rest is important. In your free time you need to learn to relax. And in order to fully relax you need to plan your weekend, take into account the type of ongoing activity.

Usually people who "work mentally"Overtakes chronic fatigue syndrome. The main problem is the lack of physical activity in conditions of nervous and constant intellectual stress. In response to stress, the body produces hormones that push a person to a physical jerk - attack or flight, depending on the individuality. This physical spurt is programmed by the body, and if you do not do it, you will get the effect of a kettle that boils with a closed lid. How to relax to such people? Psychologists and doctors say that for the body a sharp change in the way of life is harmful. It will be useful to sleep well. It's bad to lie on the couch at the weekend. Leaving the workplace, throw work out of your head. But if you are stressed at work, then it will not be easy.

At the end of the week, summing up, write down to yourself thatHas already been done, and what needs to be done on future work. Remember by heart the motto of Scarlett Ohara "I'll think about it tomorrow". At the end of the week, plan an active evening. Communicate with interesting people, go to a bowling club, to a concert.

Recommendations for the weekend.
1. Schedule a business that requires you to exercise, it can be a walking trip or repairing a summer house.

Choose on nature, so that you can relax from the hustle and bustle of home.

3. Communicate, because nothing gives a sense of life, as communication with your loved ones and friends. Go to visit and invite guests to your room.

4. Do good to your loved ones.
As French psychologists have established, if on the weekend people buy gifts to relatives, then the weekend was not in vain.

Disconnect your home computer and mobile phone. So, you will not think about work.

Physical work.
Compared to mental labor, physical labor,Will seem without any problems, but it is not. Physical labor is for the most part a monotonous work and from it a person is tired of not less than intellectual loads. Waiters, inspectors, sellers, hairdressers, even if some day did not bring emotional troubles, get tired both mentally and physically.

At the end of the week you need to help the body relax. If you stood on your feet all shift, then coming home, remove from your feet a sense of heaviness, put them on some elevation. Arrange yourself a water treatment, it can be a contrast shower or pool. Water will relieve fatigue.

On weekends do something for the soul -Dance, draw, read. Avoid loads that are reminiscent of work. Employees of different service sectors are better at weekends not to do household chores. In the UK, a survey was eaten among restaurant workers, and according to the results it was concluded that 78% of employees go to work with great pleasure, if they did not have to clean the house, wash dishes and cook. Make your vacation more intense and than to sit day in front of the TV, it's better to take a walk outdoors in the park.

Emotional work.
This activity requires a personEmotional feedback. This includes the work of doctors, psychologists, teachers. And, in spite of the fact that they are not physically overloaded, they are also overtaken by fatigue. These people are in constant contact with other people, and they know that the result of their work depends on their emotional involvement, which is a serious test for the psyche. The danger for social workers is emotional burnout, then they do not want to communicate with people outside of their work and become indifferent. As experts say these people need to rest emotionally.

Make yourself a Friday unloading day without communication. This will help walk alone. Returning from work on Friday, do not go by public transport, but walk.

Set aside all conversations
Relatives and relatives will want to share with you their sorrows and joys. But if you are not able to get involved emotionally in this process, postpone the conversation.

Do not try to entertain everyone in the company. Know that you are not responsible for the emotional state of all people who are present in this company. "Loosen control" in the company and try to just have fun.

Do sports that cancalm nerves - pilates, yoga, whenever possible go to massage. As physical exertion in the summer you can work on the garden plot, go for berries and mushrooms, ride a bike. In winter it is better to go skating and skiing. According to American psychologists, this type of workers is better to have dogs, this will be an occasion for daily walks with them, besides they can not speak.

If you needed to work on the weekend, remember the following:
1. Clearly plan your work so you do not have to work on weekends.

Take work at home only as a last resort.

3. Often work on the weekend, isa pretext to not communicate with loved ones with whom you do not have contact. Thus, you run away from personal problems. And than to run to work from psychological problems and continue the workaholic work, try to establish peace and peace in your family.

These are general recommendations, how to spend the weekend with profit. Because active rest allows you to distract from the things that you constantly do at work.

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