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Organize your own trip abroad

How to organize and save yourself.

1. Determine the tourist destination.
If you perfectly know a foreign language,Then you can safely choose any country. If these knowledge is not enough, then you will need an interpreter. Before the trip read the country in which you decided to go, these are the customs, features. Think about the route of those places that you would like to visit.

2. Payment.
For traveling abroad, you need a plasticCard, it can be, as a salary card, and a credit card. With the help of squat you can pay for hotels, air tickets, various services. It is better to open a plastic card for travel purposes. You can put the right amount on it, and you will not spend more than planned. For payment on the Internet, they will accept Mastercard and Visa, only their "electron" versions will not work. You can make some reserves of money, hide in a safe place, because everything happens, and from all cases it is impossible to insure yourself.

3. Preparation of a visa.
If you turned to a travel agency,Then they would be engaged in opening a visa, and in case of an independent trip, this should be done by yourself. If you need a visa to the country you want to go to, then prepare a visa. You need to know that many countries draw up a visa at the border, so in order to save time, you need to clarify the list of such countries. There are many countries in the world where Russians do not need a visa.

To pre-arrange a visa, you needApply to the embassy of this country, clarify the necessary documents and prepare them. You can apply to different visa centers, which for a fee will contribute to obtaining a visa. The opportunity to receive a refusal, due to improperly issued documents will be reduced to zero. Do not worry, if you are going to get a visa yourself, it's not scary and not difficult.

4. Booking air tickets.
Now you can easily book air tickets without problems. Many airlines switched to "electronic tickets". It's easy and easy to book a ticket online. You just need to go to the airline's website, choose the date you need, the country and the number of passengers. Your file will be sent to your e-mail address, you need to print it, this will be an e-ticket. The calculation for these armored tickets can be made through the Internet, you will save yourself from queues.

It should be noted that many countriesThere may not be direct flights. The plane will land at the airport, passengers will enter the transit zone, and after a certain time they will board again and fly to the desired point. If you do not want to fly with a transfer, then you can contact the tour operator, who organizes "direct" charter flights, and they will sell you a ticket.

5. Booking a hotel room.
Book your hotel easily and quickly byThe Internet. When booking a room in the hotel, you need to indicate the names of the residents, inform the date of stay and stay in the country. Then leave the payment details and get a document to pay for the reservation.

6. Medical insurance.
This should be approached seriously, since in manyCountries need medical insurance. This you can protect yourself, because if there are unforeseen situations, you can expect that you will receive medical care. For tourists, insurance is from one dollar a day. To arrange a similar service, you need to contact the insurance company, it will arrange for you an insurance medical policy.

The medical policy specifies all the necessaryPhones, they can call a doctor. If you have to see a doctor, you must save all the bills and prescriptions that the doctor prescribed, pharmacy checks. To receive monetary compensation, these documents must be submitted to the insurance company.

With a travel agency or independently.
You can not get acquainted with the country through the windowSightseeing bus. It is much more interesting to travel independently. You make your own program and itinerary, stop in interesting hotels, do not hurry.

It is very advantageous to organize your own tour. Of course, it is best to book a trip to Turkey to a five-star hotel through a travel agency, but, and if you are planning a trip to Cambodia, it will be cheaper to organize it yourself.

If you are traveling to the countries of South America, or to Africa (not Tunisia and Egypt), then you need to get vaccinated against yellow fever.

To my great regret, there is not on our planetSafe countries. Therefore, you need to make a color scan of your passport and mail it to yourself. Let it be a Western mail server. At this address, roll over the electronic air tickets, in case you lose them, you can easily print new ones. If you steal documents, you should contact the Russian consulate.

In conclusion, we can addAlone your trip abroad. Pay attention to these main points when you will independently organize a trip. There is nothing complicated, and the result of this trip will not disappoint you. Have a good trip!

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