/ How to choose the right curtains?

How to choose the right curtains?

When choosing stylish, yet functionalCurtains, it should be remembered that any option must be thought through and selected suitable for the existing style of the interior. It is against its backdrop that furniture, curtains and other room accessories will loom.

Correctly selected color and pattern will help to hide design errors and visually change the proportions and size of the room, give a sense of completeness in the design of the interior.

Carefully analyze the room, veryIt is important to harmonize the color, structure and pattern of the fabric with the premises, for which curtains are selected. Color not only can create an atmosphere in the room, but also to regulate its illumination. So, if the purpose of changing the interior is a lack of sunlight in the room and to visually increase its space, it is better to use light classical fabrics for curtains. If the room is large enough, then heavy curtains will be a good option, which will create a sense of harmony, coziness and support the overall style of the interior.


The perception of color by an eye at all is various, therefore at a choice of color of curtains in premises it is necessary to show special pedantry.

Choosing a color scheme, you should think about how long the eye will be pleasant in daylight and artificial lighting, the result obtained at different times of the year.

Many make the mistake of choosing a color solutionCurtains in the tone of the decoration of the walls. This will result in the merging and depersonalization of the room. To prevent this from happening, the fabric should be chosen lighter or darker than the color of the wallpaper.

There is an opinion that monochrome curtains look likeInexpressively, but if the fabric has an original texture, it can become a colorful interior detail, and the modern variety of assortment of curtain materials will make an original choice. Curtains of classic single-color fabric is easiest to fit into the existing interior. A single color combination of colors is ideal for an interior, the accent in which is made on contrasting details: paintings, vases or furniture.


With patterned fabrics you need to be more careful, because besides the color in this case it is necessary to take into account the themes and correctly choose the character of the image, having linked it with the elements of interior and decor.

In a small room, you should not use fabrics with a large pattern, they should create coziness and revive the room.


Stylized fabrics and properly curtainsIs an ideal tool for masking design flaws or changing the proportions of the room. For example, in a room with a low ceiling, you can visually increase the ceiling if you choose curtains with vertical stripes. Or in a narrow room with a high ceiling, the horizontal bars will expand the room. Combining different bandwidths, you can achieve different optical effects.

Also, one should not forget that light warm colors visually push the boundaries of the room, while dark ones hide a significant part of the space.

Combinations of fabrics of different texture will allowA specific decorative effect, the color of fabrics will be deeper and richer, the pattern will become more complicated. Such combinations look great with polished wood, metal and leather. The cage and strip on the curtain with the most relief texture will be combined quite well with the furniture in the folk style.

Whatever colors, drapes or designYou have not chosen a composition, the main thing is to create a general mood of calmness and comfort. With a successful color and style solution, curtains can become not just an element of the interior, but also a real decoration of your home.

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