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How to relax in Spain

You can rent a car online,Book a room in a small family hotel, buy a plane ticket. During the trip to Spain you can save: buy food in supermarkets, instead of expensive restaurants and cafes, visit shops during seasonal discounts, purchase "guest" subscriptions for visiting and viewing museums and attractions or subscriptions for public transport. Now there are many people who independently organize their stay abroad, taking into account their personal budget.

Purchase of tickets
Start an independent trip with a purchaseCheap air tickets. On the Internet, a tourist can pick up cheap tickets. There is only a serious minus, this ticket can not be returned to the cashier if the flight was canceled. These planes arrive in provincial airports, then they will have to take a taxi. It is necessary to book tickets in advance, the flight with a transfer reduces the ticket price several times. You can pay by bank card.

If for you the plane is an expensive pleasure, andIt is impossible to find cheap tariffs, it is possible to take advantage of railway transport. For example, if you go to Austria, it will be more economical to use the train. It will be cheaper than an airplane twice, instead of 700 euros, you will pay 400 euros. A serious disadvantage is that the train ticket to individuals is sold for forty-five days, legal persons are sold for 90 days. With the plane there are no problems, that there are no tickets, it is possible to buy a ticket several months before the flight.

How to rest independently, saving rules.
1). Rest must be taken care of in advance. It is better to go on a trip at the end of January than on New Year holidays, and instead of August, you need to rest in June, in summer in June tourists save by 40%, compared to tourists who will travel in August. If you prefer to travel during peak season, you need to book accommodation and tickets for 4 months, then you will have excellent offers for the best prices.

2). Regardless of the country you have chosen, renting a villa or apartment will cost you less than hotels. You can save money if you rent accommodation from the local population.

3). Instead of some famous resort, you can choose a small town, the prices will be 2 times less, and you will get no less pleasure.

Instead of a hotel boarding house.
The main expense of a traveler is housing. You will save on the hotel if you rent inexpensive apartments, or stay in a private pension. It is enough just to book your accommodation yourself. You can leave a request on the site, specify the number of rooms, the price, the area of ​​the room, and you will receive suitable offers. You can find a fairly decent option for a week, for 2 weeks of accommodation per person, the boarding house will cost you 300 euro. European hostels are private small family hotels with 7 rooms, according to the level they correspond to 3-star hotels.

Rent of bungalows, cottages, apartments, villas givesGood savings opportunities. Family couples prefer to relax in the apartment, where you can get settled with young children and eat individually. A more economical way is to live in a family, but this is a risky option, because you do not know what kind of people you will get to not spoil your rest.

For Spain is characterized by a hot, dry summer andMild winter, this is the sunniest country. There are 325 sunny days per year, therefore tourists spend their holidays here throughout the year. Each season corresponds to a place of rest. For summer holidays Costa Brava, Costa Blanca is suitable. At other times it is better to relax in Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, you can go on an excursion to the beautiful cities of Spain - Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona.

Travel to Spain will be able to leave in memoryYour unforgettable track, and then you will once again want to see these picturesque and amazing places. In Spain, everything excites - national cuisine, climate, picturesque landscapes, monuments of architecture. Tourists want to visit the bullfight, visit the museum of the famous Salvador Dali, see a medieval castle.

In conclusion, let's say that now we know howYou can relax on your own in Spain. Independent rest allows you to save a lot of money, has a number of advantages. You must have the desire and the time to look for convenient and better options. And you decide whether you are ready to travel independently.

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