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How to organize a barbecue in the open air

Building a site

A playground for outdoor recreation, games andThe barbecue can otherwise be called a "patio" (from the Spanish "house without a roof"). Here you can show full imagination in terms of the project, but the construction is better entrusted to the professional. And we will take care of the location of the barbecue.

Pay attention to the fact that you need to take into account whenChoosing a place for the stove. First, put the structure away from various plantings. Secondly, study the wind rose in your locality. Thirdly, if the barbecue has electrical parts, place it as close to the power grid as possible. Take into account also the proximity to products, dishes, fuel and water.

The area should be smooth, without slope. Place it close to the house, but away from inflammable objects. The floor is made of paving slabs. Make a canopy to cook even during the rain. Lay out a solid foundation, and then install the oven.

We select furniture

We'll think about what furniture we need. But first we note that it is necessary to take care not only of convenience, but also of safety (for example, protection against fire).

  1. Plastic has strength, lightness and a large selection of shades. If such furniture is cheap, then it, on the contrary, is short-lived.

  2. Very beautiful and comfortable wicker furniture, but it can not be long on the street. Take out such furniture immediately before the event, since it can deteriorate from dew and rain.

  3. Wooden furniture is made from treesdifferent varieties, can combine wood and cast iron. Acquiring this part of the situation, check the quality of its grinding, the presence of cracks, the material of screws (better stainless steel). Also, you need to know if it was treated with an antiseptic. All this affects the service life!

  4. Metal furniture has strength, butis heavy. Soften the lack of massiveness can additives from other materials. If your piece of furniture is made of cast iron, to increase the service life, primer and color it.

Choose a barbecue

First we'll think about what we need: BBQ, grill or barbecue. We will also consider whether the ability to transport the device is important.

Plus the simplest brazier is that it is light and can move anywhere. The disadvantages can appear in the event that you have chosen a structure of fine metal.

Also today appeared disposablepolyethylene braziers with a set of necessary appliances, but from this preparation you will not get the expected impression. In the complete set a tray, a metal lattice, a support.

It is better to choose a cast iron brazier, because it is notwill lead from the temperature, and it will never fall apart. Some of these devices are fitted with a pipe, an ash-pit and a grate. Note that such a thing is a stationary device!

Portable grill is a metal grill withlid, a container with an ashtray, and legs. It can be enamelled, stainless steel, cast iron. Choose a reliable cast iron, because the enamel can peel off, and the steel may fade.

Barbecue, which can be transferred, differs from the grill only in that it does not have a lid. Notes and tips also coincide with the grill.

Stationary barbecue is a stove that youCan do in any style. Such a hearth is advantageous in that it includes a set of devices that facilitate your work. There is a grate, a spit, a shelf for firewood, and boards for cutting food.

Devices are:

  • Open. Such foci are suitable for placement on your site. But pay attention to the presence of the roof of the stove or umbrella over the pipe. These additions are necessary to protect against unexpected rain.

  • Closed. These furnaces can be placed in a gazebo, because they are equipped with a full flue.

  • For kindling with coal. Charcoal or coal briquettes are in all supermarkets. In addition, you can buy a special liquid or solid ignition.

  • For kindling coal and wood. Such a furnace is equipped with a special basket for ignition of firewood.

  • Folding. You can fold and carry anywhere. Remember that in many of these devices you can only use the already heated coals, otherwise your assistant will fall apart. To get rid of errors, read the instructions carefully.

  • Gas or electric. There is no smoke. If you need a taste of smoke in dishes, use wood shavings. Also this device is good in that it is suitable for use at any time of the year.

  • Round or rectangular. What is important here is that the round shape allows the device to warm up evenly. However, a rectangular barbecue is easier to transport.

Choose security

  • Meat. Experts recommend to prepare lean pork. It will be gentle and harmless.

  • Marinade. The best marinade is wine or beer, because it neutralizes carcinogens and does not produce them. Especially harmful mayonnaise, kefir. Adjika harms people with diseases of the stomach.

  • Soak time. The best option - 1, 5 - 2 hours in enamelware, which is placed in the cold.

  • Coals. Choose birch or oak. We take the packaging without damage. We buy coal for a guest (GOST 24260-80).

  • Substances for ignition. These kindling are harmful as well as newsprint. Choose white safe paper.

  • The distance from the coals to the dish. Height 25 cm. Will reduce the effect of harmful substances.

  • Kind of barbecue. The best option is an electric or gas device that does not allow the formation of harmful substances.

Making a menu for barbecue in the air

We like to cook traditional barbecue, but they have so many names, nationalities, varieties! We will try to understand at least some of their secrets!

If you want to give your dish a citrus aroma, sprinkle the desired peel on the coals 5 minutes before cooked. You can add various spices in the same way.

It is possible to cook in foil, while adding spices to this wrapper.

What can we cook?

  • Shish kebabs from mutton, pork, beef, chicken.

Choose meat with fat, because the fat will drain, and the dish will turn out juicy.

It's interesting to try: Shish kebabs from chicken breast or sausages and cauliflower. Dumplings in a pot, cooked in a barbecue oven.

  • Rolls and fillets: cod, salmon, herring, mackerel, red fish.

  • Dishes from seafood.

  • Vegetables and fruits.

It is interesting to try: Whole tomatoes and eggplants on skewers. Boiled corn cobs.

  • Cheese shish kebab.

  • Different pizza.

  • Mushrooms.

  • Marinade:

  • Soy sauce with black pepper and lemon juice (for red fish);

Note that vegetables and meat have different temperatures and cooking times, so they are fried separately.

Have a good rest, because you now know how to organize a barbecue!

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