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Children's room by feng shui

Feng shui means water and wind, and this meansSpace, world, nature. This we must find and know in the house. You never thought why there are so many mirrors in theaters. The energy of qi reflects from them, spreads, multiplies and turns into a creative, powerful stream.

Let's prepare a children's room forFeng Shui. It is unnecessary to mention that the children's room should be spacious and bright. And every thing in this room should contribute to the development of your child. What every mother dreams of, about the health of her child, and in this room there should be a zone of health. The center of the room should be a chandelier, a ceiling light. Perhaps it will be glass or crystal, transparent, and through it will let through electric light.

All space around will be awardedRainbow glare, and thereby increase the strength and energy. Burnt out bulbs need to be replaced quickly. Otherwise, it will attract physical discomfort, deterioration of health, there will be problems with health. Therefore, in many houses the center of the room is free, and furniture is arranged on the walls. It is permissible to place a large flower in a free center. It will symbolize the growth and development of the child. The child will observe how the flower changes, and will change itself.

Plants have their therapeutic value, with the help of which they can "heal" the area of ​​the children's room. On a large desk you can put a flower.

Sleeping area.
Probably, you first of all thought, where it is possiblePut the bed, in the children's room, according to, feng shui, she needs to take a special place. For a child, and indeed, for any person, sleep is a defenseless state of a person. Which is very important for its development and growth. A reliable protection for the baby is his parents, family and people close to him, and a bed located in the family zone, the so-called (green square), is a good find. The bed should not have sharp and triangular corners and diamond-shaped lattices. The ideal option is to buy a new bed, but if you did buy a used bed, ask his old owners if their child was sick or if he died.

Not the best option will be bunk beds. A favorable option for placing the beds, for 2-3 children, they need to be arranged in a row, placed headboards of beds to one wall. Between the beds the children should have spacious aisles. And that the child's sleep was calm and he fell asleep quickly, he should not be seen toys and a desk.

If a child wakes up across the bed, thenLook how he sleeps in the morning. Then put the crib, so that in this direction he would go to bed. The child's bed should not be close to the floor, there is a lot of dust, and the qi energy will not circulate under the bed. The kid should not sleep under the ceiling, there is an excess of qi movement, and many harmful gases. It is better to avoid bunk beds, the baby who sleeps on the upper bed will wake up at night and restlessly sleep.

Children are creativity.
Crafts kid, his drawings, you can hang inForm of pictures. A child is a playground for a child, it does not need to be cluttered. Allow your child to equip the children's room, as he likes. The writing desk should be placed sideways to the window, only to make sure that your child does not sit with his back to the door. And if it does not work otherwise, then the mirror will help. Hang it near the table and then the child will see the "vision glass" as a side view, he will feel control over the space.

Color is very important for the environmentRights. Do not make a children's room colorful. On the desk you need to put a bright blue appliance, because on the table is a blue zone of knowledge. On a bed at the child to put a green plaid or a blanket. In the corner of the room to put a bouquet with pink flowers. However, you need to trust the sense of harmony and taste and be able to fantasize.

Often ventilate the room, feng shui, staleAir suppresses energy and is itself unpleasant. In the children's room should be more light, bright curtains and clean windows, the lamps give the children's room energy, warmth and radiance.

Now we know what kind of children should beRoom according to the recommendations for feng shui. Without proper skepticism and humor, one can not accept these recommendations. And this is unequivocal, because man remains the measure of all things. Do not forget that frustrating yourself with envy, suspicions, stresses, experiences, we, therefore, infect our world around ourselves. But if we internally improve, we ennoble the two worlds beyond ourselves and within ourselves. Develop and improve.

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