/ How to make a house cozy and beautiful?

How to make a house cozy and beautiful?

The dream of any woman is to create a cozy home. And for this you do not need to start repairs, they say that every woman knows how to make a house more attractive and comfortable for a man. It is enough to know simple things and unconventional ideas, we will reveal the secrets of a cozy home.

Security of housing remains the most important in allThe world, and each person has rules how to make the room harmonious, but still the teaching of Feng Shui is very common. Masters of Feng Shui served only wealthy people, maybe, therefore, the emperors of China were so revered, rich and famous.

Since then, times have changed, our lifeFoundations, at home. It became normal for multi-storey houses, air conditioners, glazing of balconies, the Internet, small dogs and everything that makes up our present life. But no matter how the world looked different, conservation laws still work. Knowing these rules, you can change a lot in life in a good way.

Animals in your house.
It is not uncommon for both stability andWell-being is best to start waterfowl, the best pet for safety can be a frog. For single women, it will be a cat, it will reveal femininity in the hostess, and for couples, it is better not to have a cat, it can bring quarrels into the house. For the family and young, with children, the best pets can be fish, and according to the masters of Feng Shui, for harmony and well-being, you need to keep in the aquarium 1 black fish and 8 goldfish.

As for the doors opposite and direct stairwaysOpenings, then to get rid of bad energy, you need to hang a mirror above the door, then all discussions, gossip will pass by the living space. The corridor is the face of your apartment, so it should be bright, memorable and well lit. Under the mat at the door to put on a few luck coins. Ideal option if the front door is located opposite the living room. It happens that the front door is located opposite the host's room, which in time will lead to misunderstandings and may become the beginning of quarrels. To divert attention from the rooms, you need to decorate the hallway, hanging pictures with peonies, this will help the girls find worthy suitors. All doors to the rooms must be closed.

For hurrying people, the question arises where to storeSex accessories - cleaners, rags, mops, do not leave in sight, especially in the kitchen. Now there are no storerooms, but if you do not comply with this rule, it will be difficult for their owners to get rid of the constant shortage of money. Do not keep cabinets in the house with open shelves, do not sleep under the joists, do not hang mirrors in the bedroom, images with animals or with aggressive people will lead to deterioration of physical or emotional health. Observe the rule of "two", everything in the house should be paired, then your personal life and business will be on top.

How to make a house cozy with the smell?
The simple way to create a cozy home isFill it with a pleasant fragrance. And it's not about air fresheners, but about conventional flavors. In this you will help the effective smell of fresh coffee, and the fragrance of fresh baked goods creates a good mood for the tenants. With the rest of the flavors that come from the kitchen you need to be careful. The smell of fried chicken or potatoes can be annoying, especially if it is heavily ingested in furniture and fabrics.

Essential oils come to you here. And the easiest way to aromatize the room, with the help of an aromatic lamp. To get the corresponding effect, you need to pick up essential oil. And then, beyond any competition, lavender, cedar, citrus smells, vanilla, cinnamon. You can burn aromatic sticks, but remember, not everyone loves them, they give a "smoky" smell.

Use warm colors in the house.
In the room, warm colors make it cozy, narrowspace. Orange, yellow, red shades warm, greenish and beige shades soothe. It's enough just to use warm colors, you need to add accessories and fabrics of the appropriate color, these can be statuettes, candles (optional burning), beautiful pillows, paintings, carpets, furniture covers. If you have enough money and time to create coziness in the house, you can change furniture and re-paste the wallpaper.

Add nature to the interior.
Natural things naturally and simply create coziness inHouse and make the house beautiful. It can be green plants, an aquarium, highlighted in a special way, accessories from natural stones, for example, a candlestick, furniture from untreated natural wood. The fire is very fascinating to a person, and, despite the fact that it is electric, it brings something primitive into the house. If you do not have the opportunity to buy a fireplace, then this will help ordinary candles, because fire is a natural element.

In the house, comfort creates air.
Whatever the scents, but never hurt the fresh air. Therefore, often ventilate the room, including in winter. Get rid of the trash, it will help to clean and refresh your room.

Add warm accessories to your home.
We want to warm up in autumn and winter, so beforeSummer you need to remove pads with birds and flowers, colored curtains. Beautifully arrange soft toys, on the floor buy a skin, or a parody of the skin, get a warm blanket on the bed.

Now we know how to make the house cozy and beautiful, take advantage of these tips, and you will have a nice and cozy home.

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