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Interior of the working area

So, what do you need to know when choosing an interiorWorking premises? Now we will talk about choosing a room for work at home. It is worth noting that when choosing a place to work the main thing is the interior, and not the size of the office. The fact is that the correct planning of the working space allows you to equip a convenient office even in a small room. So, what kind of interior should be, what materials are better to use, what colors will suit the working atmosphere?

In the form of a study you can useLiving room or hall. In the territory of such a room there is always a special wall for a TV, VCR, discs. On such a shelf you can find a place for a computer. It is best to put your computer in a secretor or in a closet. The fact that the cabinets and the secretaries are closed, therefore, after the end of the work, the living room again acquires its usual appearance, and the computer does not take up unnecessary space. In addition, in such a room will need a table on the wheels, which can be used both as a worker, and as a dining room, and, of course, a comfortable chair. If the apartment is small in size, you can turn a loggia or a storage room into a study. But, of course, you need to understand that you can not invite clients to such an office. Therefore, in the case when it is necessary to work with people not only in the office, but at home, it is best to give a separate room under the cabinet. In the office there should not be a lot of furniture, so that the customers get the impression that they are in the office. But, such an office is not suitable for everyone. The fact that some simply do not have enough home comfort at work, so these people need to equip the cabinet as easily as possible.

There are many different design projectsWorking office at home. For example, for those who live alone, there is a so-called "bachelor" option. What is he like? In this case, you need to combine the kitchen with the living room and differentiate everything with a bar rack with functional curbstones. It is this rack that can be used for work. It has enough space to install all the necessary office equipment, and the cabinets will serve as stools and stands for various necessary things.

Also, you can install the so-called podium, onWhich houses all the furniture necessary for a home office. Such a podium is best placed in a deaf corner of the wall, so that there are no windows or doors nearby. The podium should be raised to a height of forty-fifty centimeters from the floor, you can make a couple of steps to make it comfortable to climb. The peculiarity of such a podium is that in its middle there is a sliding double bed. Thus, on the podium is all the necessary furniture for work, and in it - for sleeping.

Under your mini-cabinet can even be equippedcloset. In fact, it is quite convenient and saves space. Just need to take a cabinet that has a depth of at least one meter. In one of its compartments you need to install a computer and use other shelves for the printer. Scanner, drives and folders. If a person needs to work, he simply pushes a chair to the closet and can calmly work. The closet is really no less convenient than the special desks. Therefore, if you need to save time and space, this option will be very suitable.

But, if you need to make the office stylish andSuitable for work, but at the same time to equip it so that it is in harmony with other premises of your apartment, then, this issue needs to be approached more seriously. First, you should never make the workspace too flashy. It is believed that the best color for the office in the apartment or house is light green. Such a palette helps to calm nerves and focus on work. If there is no possibility to take a separate room under the cabinet, it is necessary to separate the workspace with a partition. It can be anything, depending on what the overall style of the apartment. Therefore, for the partition you can use screens, book racks, stained-glass windows. Now all the variants from the above are very relevant.

Another squeak of modern fashion isThe design of premises for the sixties. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment with old furniture. You can use an old dresser in the form of a table or a sideboard and separate the space with curtains with a geometric pattern. The main thing is that the whole apartment should be in the same style and the office does not stand out from the overall design.

For those who love the East, an office inChinese or Japanese style. Space can be separated by colorful screens, set a low table and work sitting on cushions. It is very comfortable and convenient, and who among us did not dream about working on the couch? Therefore, in such an office and the work will go faster and thoughts about a soft chair and a bed will not go to the head.

Contrast is also fashionable and stylish. The main thing is to choose the right style, which will contrast beautifully with the overall design. For example, if the apartment is decorated in a classic style, you can make an office in high-tech style. For a room fit tables of glass with metal fittings, chrome racks and cabinets.

Workplaces are best equipped with mobileFurniture. Especially if you do not have a separate office for the office. In this case, if necessary, you can quickly and easily move all office furniture to any part of the room.

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