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How to choose the right sofa for the interior of the room

Consumer requirements for sofas usuallyStandard: reliability, durability, spaciousness and beauty. All these are very important aspects that should not be forgotten. The sofa, which falls apart after the first two or three loads, is unlikely to suit anyone. However, the beauty of the sofa and its relevance in the interior is also very important. Otherwise, being a compositional center of the room, an unsuccessfully matched sofa can spoil the overall impression, disrupt the harmony of the image and simply tell a lot about the owner's taste.

So, if you are thinking about how to properlyPick up a sofa on the interior of the room, you should first find out what kind of lifestyle you are leading, what you need is more, what type of sofa you want. A lover of peace and quiet will choose a sofa different than a regular at nightclubs and parties.

Typically, the sofas are divided into two types: stationary and modular.

Stationary Sofa beds are most often seen inBedrooms, and fold-out - in the living rooms. The latter are characterized by a large number of transformations due to such layout mechanisms as: eurobook, accordion, dolphin or French clamshell.

A plus for choosing stationary sofas is a relatively inexpensive price, which, in turn, implies an economical finish: simple fabrics or leatherette are used.

Modular sofas, As a rule, non-standard in width"Seat" (approximately 100 cm). The main difference between this type of sofa and the corner sofa is that the model can be placed in your apartment in several ways - everything depends on your imagination. In addition to the functionality of the owners of the sofa will enjoy a large selection of upholstery and hundreds of colors.

Modular sofas are divided into:

1. Sectional sofas. In the store you choose your favorite backrest blocks, armrests and seats, color and upholstery. It is for this project that the factory assembles the "sofa of your dreams". Please note that after agreeing to make changes to the estimate or independently to disassemble the elements of the sectional sofa is simply impossible.

2. Loose modular sofas. They make it possible to change the shape at any time, change the design or add a new section, if the old one is already bored with you.

Choose a sofa style

In classic style Traditional approaches to manufacturingFurniture. The classic sofa is always fashionable and appropriate. To choose a sofa in this style is easy. Its main features: proportionality, grace, sense of proportion and quality. Classic sofas can be found in any room: an apartment, an office, in hotel lobbies and large companies. The wood used in the manufacture of classical furniture is also good and reliable: beech, yew, mahogany, oak, cherry. They are offended, as a rule, by natural tissues and skin. The refined chic of such sofas will never seem lurid, indiscreet. If your life is subject to the same dimensionality, good quality, if you value stability, and not the fuss of fashion, then this style is for you.

Baroque Style Less functional than the classical one. This style, on the contrary, is designed to attract attention, stand out, blot out luxury and wealth. You can choose the sofas for the interior and define them in the following way: they are deliberately decorative in the Baroque style, with elaborate, curved lines, spirals and waves. The most expensive wood, inlaid with mother-of-pearl, ivory, precious stones, precious metals are used for manufacturing. Often the wood of such a sofa is covered with gilding, expensive varnish, silver, decorated with intricate carvings. The fabrics with which such sofas, as a rule of bright colors are fitted, are very expensive, often there is an ornament in the form of fringe. The back of the baroque sofa will be high, gracefully curved and undulating, the legs will also be beautifully curved, decorated with carvings and narrowed downwards. If your interior breathes wealth and luxury, then such a sofa for you, it will make a real sensation among your guests. That's what you wanted, is not it? !!

Empire style, Like the Baroque, is fanciful and pompous, however,Perhaps, not so convenient. This furniture is created as a parade - once exposed and all struck, go into the shade and wait for your time again. Such a sofa will certainly be beautiful, elegant, brilliant. Padded with velvet and gilded, it will create a sense of theatricality, improbability. But for a long time to live among such furniture the ordinary person will not be very comfortable. Soon you can get tired of this brightness and brilliance, hiding everywhere paws of sphinxes and griffins, velvet and plush, inconvenience of proportions and you will want to relax on the usual elastic comfortable sofa. But such a sofa perfectly suits a Bohemian man, whose entire interior is impregnated with theatricality, deliberateness, brilliance and buff.

Art Nouveau style Certainly belongs to a new generation. Adherent of naturalness and natural motives, he gives furniture smooth lines and curves and never sharp corners and broken lines. In decorating such sofas, floral motifs and vignettes prevail. Such sofas have an individuality. Their originality in asymmetry. And luxury does not cry, preferring to smile elegantly at the owner. If the atmosphere of your interior is impregnated with romanticism, if you like flowers, including domestic ones, then such a sofa can fit perfectly into the composition.

High-tech style - clear, strict, functional. He seems to speak for you: "I know what I want! "This is not the style that will be exchanged for shine finishes, elegant lines, curiosity. But it is bright and ultra-modern, attracts new opportunities. Minimalism, as well as the seriousness of the materials from which such a sofa will be made, will attract a person whose rhythm of life knocks, like a pulse. If your interior uses only the most necessary pieces of furniture, if you like smooth and shiny surfaces, if you like metal and leather, then choose this sofa.

When choosing the color of the sofa, do not forget that he mustTo harmonize with the whole atmosphere of the room. It can be a bright spot among the rest of the furniture, or it can be harmoniously intertwined in the ligature of the general image. Light furniture shades visually increase its volume, so if the area of ​​your room is small and there are already many items in it, choose a sofa of dark colors. Now you know how to choose this important object in the interior of your house.

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