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Interesting interior items: decor elements


Let's think about carpets, important elementsDecor, not necessarily Persian and woolen, podnadoevshih. Modern carpet weaving offers us the widest range of variants of carpets, they can be handmade, designer, they can be made even according to your sketch. If you do not like carpets densely painted with patterns, according to the old Persian tradition, you can choose a carpet with an abstract pattern or ethnic motifs. But the designer Nani Marquina came up with "Rose Mantel" - a beautiful carpet in the form of rose petals. It is very suitable for romantic people. Designer Tord Boontje came up with a carpet called "Flower Meadow", which consists of thousands of small flowers.

Wall painting.

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful garden? Or dreamed of being in the jungle among the paradise hides? Or are you seduced by abstract images that best convey your worldview? All this can be done by painting the walls and ceiling. In the wall painting, interesting objects, various techniques and materials are used, from acrylic to frescoes. Imagine how the walls of the nursery will be transformed, filled with cheerful flowers, animals, funny people. A living room painted a la Dali will show what you have good taste. Dare!


Well, of course, do not forget about this, sometimesThe main, decoration of the walls of many dwellings. Sometimes a picture, a poster or just a poster can say more about the owner than the whole interior. Very stylish look in the interior of large black and white photographs in a minimalistic frame. And the batik, which has become fashionable, will be a truly original decision. The picture will look even more impressive if you correctly select a frame for it. It can be a massive carved baguette, a thin stylish frame. Sometimes on large free spaces of the wall is minimally decorated, large canvases without frames are good.

Decorative panels.

Recently, variousDecorative textures for walls. They can represent a geometric or floral ornament, be volumetric or flat, on the whole wall or occupy a small piece of the square. Often elements of such a panel placed throughout the apartment can link together disparate parts of the interior, combining everything into one concept.


Yes, yes, you were not mistaken, it was the frames. Did you see a wall filled with a large number of different frames and frames in magazines or in a movie? They can be large and very small, square and rectangular, round and oval. And yes, they are all empty. It looks amazing. And fill the void everyone can himself - you just need to fantasize a little. Of course, do not forget that the wall in this case should have some interesting texture, color.

The curtains.

Do not forget about the windows. Tulle, curtains, lambrequins are your helpers in creating the atmosphere of your home. Want original curtains, pay attention to Roman curtains, Japanese, roll. Classical chic lovers will appreciate the French and Austrian curtains. Well, and lovers of romance for an unforgettable atmosphere fit crossed curtains.


Fixtures can be not only a sourceLight, but also a beautiful decorative thing that can decorate the most boring interior, turn an evening room into a fairy tale. Long gone are the times when in all the apartments on the walls hung dull sconces. Today, lamps can be placed not only on the table, but also on the floor. In the catalogs of designers sometimes hide the most incredible designs, animating any apartment. Lamps-trees, lamp-dachshunds, lamps-mushrooms and even garnet lamps-choose what you like. This year designer Philip Nigro proposed very interesting fixtures, which consist of metal rings with gaps between them, which allows to connect several fixtures together in the preferred variant.


It would seem much easier, the chair is ordinary and boring ... But no, modern designers can make these interior items, chairs that will attract attention, delight and surprise. In addition to all this, you can sit and sit on it. Here for example the chair of designer Emmanuel Moore, consisting of a thick piece of transparent acrylic with 7 sticks inserted into it, serving legs and back. Past this chair will not pass any of your guest, and you'll love it. Or the classic Jacobsen chairs, very comfortable and elegant.


Perhaps the most lovingly chosen decorativeThings always had statuettes. These completely unnecessary impractical thing in the interior pleases the owner's eyes and introduces accents. You can buy a completely original thing somewhere on the flea market. And for particularly demanding designers will suit things. Figurines can be both traditional ceramic, and from metal, glass, plastic and wood. Among them you will find both outdoor and small statuettes on a table or shelf. For example, interesting figurines from fashion designer Thomas Hoffman, depicting various and unusual animals. Original figurines and figures of the Italian designer Lino Zampiva.

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