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How to choose a hair dryer

If you purchase a large home appliance youPonder for weeks, then the need to buy a hair dryer for hair appears, as a rule, suddenly and does not tolerate delay. How to choose a hair dryer that is right for you?

Modern hair dryers are very diverse,Have many models and functions. Therefore, before you go to the store for a new acquisition, you should decide for what purposes you need it. If you use a hair dryer only for drying your hair and various nozzles for laying you to anything, you will be able to use a reliable model of a hair dryer with a few necessary functions. If you often go on business trips or traveling, you should choose a compact model that will not take up much space in your luggage. Still, most women prefer to experiment with styling, creating masterpieces of hairdressing art at home. If you belong to their number, then the choice of hair dryer should be taken with all seriousness, since you will need a powerful unit with a set of various attachments.

Many shop assistants recommend reversingAttention to the model with the largest capacity, they say, what it is more, so, respectively, better. But this is not quite the right approach to choosing a dryer. Only the temperature that the hair dryer can provide depends on the power, and therefore the speed with which it can dry the hair. There are hair dryers from 200 to 2000 watts. It should be noted that the power of the dryer does not affect its cost. Here is a small example: a hair dryer Rowenta CF 9000 with a power of 400 W Has a price three times more than a hair dryer Philips HP 4880 with a capacity of 1900 watts. If you have thin hair - do not rush to buy a hair dryer with a very high capacity, otherwise your hair will dry before you have time to make the styling. And as a result - a mess on the head and brittle, overdried hair. For daily styling and medium-density hair, the best option is to choose a hair dryer with a capacity of 1200-1600 watts. Hair dryers with lower power are recommended for those who are looking for a road option or have too little experience in hair styling. Accordingly, more powerful hairdryers will suit professionals.

Also when buying a hairdryer, you should turn yourAttention to such technical characteristics as the number of temperature levels and speeds in the instrument. Thanks to several modes, you can adjust the head of the air flow and change its temperature from warm to hot. The more modes your hair dryer will have, the more combinations you can make for drying and styling your hair. Thanks to this choice of modes, you can choose the ideal combination for yourself, due to which the harmful effect of hot air on the hair will be minimized. Another property that we recommend to draw your attention to is the function of supplying cold air ("cool"). When you put the hair, you first dry the curls, and then for about 20 seconds, fix the result with a jet of cold air. Thanks to the high temperature, the strands of hair become elastic and docile, and thanks to the cold air the hair is cooled and the locks are fixed for a long time.

An important criterion when choosing a hair dryerIs an indicator such as reliability. Buying any item of household appliances, we dream that it will last as long as possible. To ensure that the hot air dryer does not melt or crack after falling onto the tile, it must be made of high-quality, heat-resistant and durable plastic. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to distinguish qualitative plastic from substandard. In the certificates of the material from which the hair dryer is made, as a rule, not a word is mentioned. If you buy a hairdryer produced by the company that also produces professional hairdryers, then do not worry about the quality of the device. Also, when choosing a hair dryer, pay attention to its shape - it is necessary that you can keep it in your hand. Modern hair dryers are available in two types - a cylinder and a gun. Almost all professional hair dryers are in the form of a gun - the handle of such a hair dryer is located at an angle to the main part. But it is uncomfortable for a layman to use such a hair dryer, for this you need to have skills. For daily use it is better to buy a hair dryer, which is lighter in weight, and when using it, the hand does not get tired so quickly.

If you use a hair dryer not only to dryHair, but also to do various stacking, you should pay special attention to a set of attachments that are attached to a particular model of hair dryer. Two main nozzles - a diffuser and a concentrator - are included in a set of almost all models of hair dryers. The concentrator has a flat, tapered end and is almost indispensable when laying a hairstyle. Also, in addition to the concentrator and the diffuser, modern models of hairdryers are equipped with various nozzles in the form of brushes. These hair dryers are not very powerful, because they are designed primarily for styling. If you have chemistry, and you decided to straighten it, you need a nozzle in the form of a semicircular brush. A wide comb is useful for drying hair, a round brush with plastic teeth - to create curls, forceps - for their curling. Tongs of smaller diameter will allow to create smaller curls, and shine to your hair will give a round brush from natural bristles. In order to avoid entanglement of hair when creating curls, you will need a round brush with denticles that are removed.

The last property to be reversedAttention is ionization. This system is struggling with the negative effects of ions on the hair, retaining moisture and nourishing on them a stream of negative ions that smooth the hair scales. Thanks to this function, the hair becomes extra shine and less electrified.

Now you know how to choose a hair dryer that suits you. Successful purchase!

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