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Modern windows and doors in the design of apartments

What do not say, but for today amongModern windows and doors in the design of apartments began to stand out a noticeable and fashionable trends. It is the modern design of our apartments that made us pay attention to our window and door systems, giving them originality and uniqueness.

Let's start with Windows. Modern windows, of course, as before haveFrame, glass, window sill and appropriate fittings. But, despite this, they became very clearly different from their predecessors. Their unusual shape, design, functionality and material, from which they are made, have significantly changed and become more refined. For today, there are three main materials of window frames: metal plastic, aluminum and wood.

Metal-plastic windows or, as they are called inPeople, just plastic, are very durable and long-functioning windows. Nowadays they occupy one of the first places among the installed windows. Aluminum windows are often used in the design of facades and glass roofs of houses. Windows made from traditional wood always look very rich and aesthetic, the main thing is, of course, to look after them properly (painting or varnishing).

All these windows are united by one single detail - this isTheir part, which consists of glass. Of course, these glasses also have differences. If your apartment is located by the windows to the sun, you should choose windows with a special glass that will reflect the rays of light. Thanks to this glass, the room will not heat up. If, on the contrary, you feel a noticeable coolness in your apartment, then you should pay attention to energy-saving windows. These windows very well hold warm air in the room and thereby increase the room temperature by several degrees. In case you live in a very noisy area, you should install windows with noise-absorbing glass. Well, if you live on the first floor or the windows of your house go beyond the yard, then you should order and install shockproof double-glazed windows. It is these windows that can withstand any stone impact and even a shot from the pistol.

It is these modern windows that will help you forget,What is the dust penetrating from the street into the apartment, the constant noise and hum from the passing cars. By the way, it is not superfluous to note that modern window systems have several planes for their opening (summer, winter and micro-ventilation).

The design of such windows is selected according to the general combination of the design of apartments (color, window shape, the presence of original accessories).

And now let's say a few words about Doors. Modern doors - the most important componentOf the total interior of your apartment. In the design of the apartment today, the doors can be varnished, painted, polished or have a huge stained glass.

The most important element when choosing doorsTheir internal filling appears. It is for this principle that doors can be hollow - the cheapest and unreliable, solid wood doors that are considered to be the most durable and reliable. And complete this list of combined doors. These doors have a veneer in wood, they are also durable and reliable in their endurance.

By its design, doors can be with the presence ofGlass (stained glass, glass insert in the form of a decorative figure or just have a clear glass) and just a door with a solid coating. These two kinds of doors can have a cut out relief or simply be smooth.

The most fashionable today are the doors thatHave a glass with a bevel. This glass has the form of a crystal, it can be any color and any interlacing shape. Another fashionable hit in the design of the house are doors with stained glass, by the way, it is worth noting that the most fashionable are single-color stained glass. Also, one of the honorable places is occupied by doors with different geometric cutouts on their own plane. If your apartment has a classic interior, we recommend that you pay attention to the doors with drawings or combined of different colors of wood inserts (strips, cups and much more).

Remember that the doors should have the same color,Design design and style, as well as interior doors should successfully appeal to furniture, walls and floor. Of course, all doors should not be the same, but they must obey the above listed features.

And finally, let's say a few words about the accessories. Specialists in apartment design advise to pay special attention to the choice of handles and hinges in your door. The most popular door handles today are chrome-plated, handles with plastic inserts of different colors and pens that combine various colors of metals, the most popular are the handles for gold.

In their form they can be either ordinary or round, oval, straight or elliptical. Also, it can be handles in the form of original shapes and shapes.

In addition to door handles, you should pay attention toOn the door of the door. It must necessarily match the color of the door itself, be wooden and match the door design. For example, if you have a gentle door design, you should install a thin door frame if you have a massive wooden door, then vice versa.

That's what modern windows and doors look like, withoutWhich our house can not be imagined. Remember that a successful combination of windows and doors with a common interior of the apartment is one of the important steps of originality and sophistication of your house. Good luck to you!

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