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What is useful to know when you go on vacation

So, what is useful to know when you go toVacation? Let's start with the road, or rather say, your travel itinerary. Here, in the first place, it is useful to note that it is the road that is one of the most important and integral parts of your vacation. If you are going on vacation through a travel company - it's not superfluous to ask about medical insurance and find out the main routes for the upcoming trip. Also ask if you need to make transplants and where, and when, what type of transport is best to travel.

Remember that always when you go toNot a short way, our body is experiencing a certain stress and discomfort. Because of this, you always need to remember such unpleasant factors as excessive fatigue, sudden emergence of symptoms of sea or air sickness, severe motion sickness (it all depends on the mode of transport). All this, in the first place, happens due to disruption of the vestibular apparatus. In such a situation, an acupressure massage or proper deep breathing will be effective. By the way, before the trip, doctors recommend a little "harden", by riding on swings and roundabouts. This will help you prepare and train your vestibular apparatus a little.

If, for the first time in your life, you go toTraveling by boat or liner, you need to know that you need to choose those cabins that are on the lower deck. This will help to move the pitching and seasickness much easier. If you are on an airplane, remember that it is recommended to eat before the flight in 4 hours. It should be very light and quickly digestible products (muesli, vegetables, fruits). During an air flight, you are best off giving up sweet juices, tea and coffee. Replace this with all the water prepared beforehand with citric acid. By the way, so that during takeoff and landing, in order to avoid the unpleasant sensation of "stuffed ears," chew conventional chewing gum. And a few more words about the flight. Because of the fact that the airplane, as a rule, dry air - it will be useful to apply a moisturizing cream on your face.

But in the case when you decided to goRest on the car, try to stop every two hours to mash your whole body and legs with easy gymnastics. When traveling by bus, in this case, light massage of hands and feet will help.

From the road to the climate. We think that not saying a single word about the sudden change in climatic conditions is like saying nothing. So, having got to the right place, where you are going to enjoy your rest, you need to know that it's not worth it to immediately escape from the room to bask in the sun. Try to give your body the ability to adapt and get used to the new climate conditions. Most of all, such changes in climate are felt by children. To the children's body fully accustomed to the new conditions, it takes about two weeks time. So it's best for a month to go with the child on leave. Children under three years of sharp climate change are contraindicated in general.

Also, a drastic change in climate can causeExacerbation of various chronic diseases: hypertension, cholecystitis, gastritis. So be very careful. Plus, it is necessary to remember that the closer you are to the equator, the more ultraviolet radiation is produced. For this reason, try to take sunbaths in moderation.

It will be useful to know that crossings with the northernParts of the hemisphere to the south are perceived by our body much better than from the western part to the eastern part. This is due to the fact that you do not cross the so-called time zone at all. Know that the greater the hourly difference between your home city and your holiday destination, the more difficult and much longer you will have to adapt. Especially this applies when, during the summer, you go to countries where it's cool or vice versa.

It is possible that for these reasons,For the first time the days of your rest, you will constantly want to sleep, you will die of headache, disruption of the intestine and even changes in the menstrual cycle.

To adapt was much faster, andUnpleasant changes in overall well-being have gone to the background, try to adjust as quickly as possible to the local regime (day-night). For the first time, do not overwork your body, give up any physical activity. Allow yourself uncomplicated walks in the morning, before breakfast and in the evening, before going to bed.

By the way, it will not be superfluous to recallExotic food. It is not necessary, when you go on vacation, immediately "sit down" at the tasting of local culinary masterpieces. Remember that such food is quite unusual for your stomach and, to overload it with previously unproven foods, it will not do him any good. It is recommended to start all tasting of exotic cooking with small portions. And now about drinking. If you start to get used to new cooking with small portions, then drink (of course, not alcohol) is recommended in a very large amount, so that your body does not dehydrate. The best choice for you will be purified mineral water, preferably without gas.

Here we are in brief and shared with you the main andImportant features of what you need to know on vacation, if you decide to spend it on the sunny beaches of famous and popular resorts in the world. Stick to them - and your holiday will be the most unforgettable. Good luck!

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