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Rest on the Black Sea with children

If the long-awaited vacation at sea you are going toTogether with children to spend on the Black Sea coast, it will not be superfluous to go to the pediatrician before the trip so that the doctor confirms the absence of any contraindications. Recreation at sea with children is not only entertainment, but also produces a healing effect. August is best for a trip, because at this time the July heat drops, and the air temperature does not usually exceed the limit of 25 degrees. It can be emphasized that the duration of a trip of three weeks is the best option, it will bring the maximum benefit and bring a lot of fun to your children.

With a holiday to the sea you can take a child already from two years, but you should remember that it is not worth to abuse it in open sunlight.

If your child has problems with the respiratory system, then give priority to rest in the Crimea, as the climate there is much better for children.

With children it is better to go allergic to the sea inLate summer or even early autumn, while the time of stormy flowering has already passed, and the air is clean from various flavors and pollen of flowers that are capable of provoking attacks of allergy. In this case, it is better for Crimea to plan a joint holiday with children at the end of August, and for the Caucasian coast for the period from September to November.

In advance, gather information about the weather in that place,Where you are going to go to the Black Sea with the children to rest, especially pay attention to the temperature of the water so that your joint holiday does not upset the cold baths, and it was not overshadowed.

The first ten days of your trip can go onAcclimatization of children, so it is better to go for 3-4 weeks to the sea. For the acclimatization process to be easy, drink the vitamins for a certain amount of time before the trip. To introduce bathing for children should not immediately, but gradually, with each time increasing the time. At first, there may be signs of acclimatization: cough, runny nose or even diarrhea, but it will pass.

Compliance with personal hygiene rules simplyThe paramount need for recreation with children at sea. It is also important to always wash your hands before eating, do not consume raw water that flows from the tap, eat only pure vegetables and fruits. Also, always carry with you such hygiene means as wet wipes, and if the child visited a public toilet, played in a sandbox or stroked animals, then do not hesitate and wipe the palm of his hands more often. Before going to the pool, explain to the child that you can not swallow water there, and in any case, do not allow swimming in pools in which water changes seldom or is poorly disinfected. If your child is still very small, then do not forget to put with you in the medicine chest preparations that maintain optimal intestinal microflora. Wear a bottle of water with you when you need to quench your thirst, or wash your eyes after bathing in the sea. Rest with children requires caution and forethought.

Observing truly simple rules of behavior, you thereby help to protect your long-awaited vacation with children from all sorts of troubles:

- in the period from 11 to 16 hours of the day, do not go to the beach under the scorching sun;

- do not spend a lot of time under the open rays of the sun;

- always use a good sunscreen;

- Take with you a must-have panama and a light cotton T-shirt for children;

- just in case, always have a burn remedy with you, it is important to notice the fact that you can burn on the beach with pebbles faster than on a sandy beach.

But all your efforts will only benefit your children, because recreation at sea has many advantages!

It is the Black Sea that is best suited forRecreation with children, because it is distinguished by a small salinity and calm, while water does not irritate the eyes, and you can learn to swim on small waves in salt water much faster.

In summer the water in the sea warms upFast enough, and this is important when resting with children. Also, flora and fauna are very diverse here, and this will give the child a lot of positive emotions, especially if you wander knee-deep in the water along the coast and observe the life of snails, sea shrimps, algae, crustaceans and colorful fishes.

In the Black Sea, there are no life-threatening inhabitants,However, meeting with some will be very unpleasant. So start your holiday with a little teaching and cautioning conversation with the kids. Tell them about the jellyfish, sea urchins, sea dragons and scallops-tailings, show the houses in the pictures how they look, so the child imagines who should beware.

If the child still had contact with one of theListed marine inhabitants, it is worthwhile to show it to the doctor. In most cases, first aid involves washing the wound with water, and then disinfecting it with a solution of iodine or zelenka.

Rest with children will become truly bright and unforgettable, and you will only have to enjoy it, if you do not forget about such elementary rules and warn all the troubles in advance!

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