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How to avoid sunburn in summer

To begin with, you should remember such a truth thatIt is almost impossible to speed up the process of chocolate shade formation on your skin with the help of solar radiation without the sad consequences. In the summer, the sun emits infrared rays, thanks to which we feel the heat on our skin, and the so-called ultraviolet rays, which, getting on our body, cause the body to produce a pigment melanin. It is this pigment that absorbs ultraviolet rays, and then gives the skin a brown hue. In a word, this is the protective reaction of our body to the sun, and tanning, in fact, comes from a burn received in the sun. What can I say, any fashionable tan is a direct confrontation of our body to the sun's rays. Also, excessive exposure to the sun is fraught with rapid aging and dying of skin cells and loss of elasticity. Plus, abuse of the sun can lead to the appearance of pigment spots on the skin, weakening of the human immune system, and even to various diseases (cataracts, herpes and even cancer). Of course, you should not completely stop tanning, the main thing is to do it with the mind, as they say, and then everything will be all right.

So, how to avoid sunburn in the summer, and whenThis is not to deny yourself the pleasure to soak up the sunshine? In order to avoid the trouble associated with the negative effects of sunburn, the first thing is to know the exact and most successful time when you can safely take sunbath. The best time for sun tanning is usually considered to go to the beach until 11 am or after 5 pm. This time is the safest, at this time it is much easier to avoid a burn. Sunbathing is always worth starting slowly and gradually. For example, the first day will last 10 minutes, and then gradually increase your time in the sun, adding to the starting 10 minutes for about 5 minutes each day.

If you used to be sure of everything one hundred percent fromSunburn will save you stay in the water, now just forget about it. It is precisely the water that attracts the rays of the sun most of all, plus, the sun can penetrate into the water to a depth of 20 meters. Therefore, to sit in the water and hope that you will not burn, there is no point.

After you left the water on the shore,Immediately wipe yourself with a towel, or turn around. Remember that drops of water, like a magnet, attract the sun - and then a burn is provided to you. Especially you should watch those skin areas where you have birthmarks. It is these harmless birthmarks that, due to the increased sun exposure, can develop into a malignant tumor. Therefore, taking a sun bath, try to cover these areas of the skin with light fabrics of natural cotton. This tissue should be free to lie on the skin, not fitting tightly to it, birthmarks should not be clogged.

Going to the beach, never forget to take with youSpecial beach cosmetics, which will help to avoid sunburn. But, as for decorative cosmetics or cosmetics containing alcohol, it is worthwhile to be more careful. These cosmetics in the interaction with the sun can affect the formation of pigmented spots.

Also take note that the use ofSome medicines can lead to sunburn (hormonal contraceptives, saccharin, special nutritional supplements, antibiotics and tranquilizers). Alcoholic drinks also increase the likelihood of a sunburn in the summer.

Try, while on the beach, eatAs many apples and currants as possible. These fruits and berries are rich in vitamins PP and C, which increase the body's resistance to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

And now a few words about cosmeticsProtection from the sun. This is usually a cream, gels, oils and products in the form of a special milk that protects the skin from the sun. Their main degree of protection from the sun's rays is indicated by certain numbers (from 2 to 30). If you have a very light skin tone, then you need to purchase a protection with the greatest degree of protection. If your skin is dry, then you need to use sunscreen, and with increased skin fatness it is worth trying special sunscreen gels. Use these funds is recommended 15 minutes before going to the beach, or half an hour before swimming. Also among the novelties in the world of sunscreen appeared, so-called, prolonged cream. Their essence lies in the fact that they are on the body and protect it from burns for a long time, even after three bathings.

And finally, if after visiting the beach youFeel dryness and tightness of the skin - these are the first signs that you received a sunburn. First of all, spread the body with a special product after sunburn to moisten the skin. If you have a fever, immediately take an antipyretic agent, and apply burned areas to talcum, this will lower the pain sensation. Compresses from apples, fresh cucumber or potatoes will also help. Aloe vera juice can be a good remedy, which should be diluted in water and, dipping the napkins into it, you can make compresses that should be kept for about 10 minutes.

Do not turn rest on the beach into torture, protect the body from the sun - and a beautiful healthy tan will be provided to you!

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