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Air baths - therapeutic effect of air

When you take an air bath, the mood rises, appetite improves, sleep normalizes, the body regulates body temperature control, and its hardening takes place.

Most of our lives we are inOffice, then home, in the kitchen. We are surrounded by electrical appliances: stoves, heaters, air conditioners and other items that create an artificial atmosphere around us. There is almost no fresh air. Therefore, at every opportunity, try to take an air bath.

If you start taking a bath in a warm timeYear, it's best to do it outdoors. If the calendar is cold season, it is better to start in a well-ventilated room. As hardening, you can transfer the procedure to fresh air.

The best time for taking air baths is before dinner and before or after a light breakfast. If you still want to take a bath during the day, then wait an hour or two after dinner.

Remove clothing quickly to freshAir had a therapeutic effect immediately on the whole body. This will cause a quick and effective reaction of the body. Remove the clothes better all. You can leave part of the clothes: swimsuit, shorts, topic, etc. Then the effect will be partial. It is best to sit in the shade under a tree or under an awning. Relax and have fun. If there is no time to relax, then take a bath at the same time as doing household chores.

The most suitable air temperature for a healthy person is 15-200FROM. On average, one air bath should be set aside for 30 minutes. If the health is not very strong, then you need to start from three minutes, increasing the time each day. Experts believe that a person should be given 2 hours a day to receive air baths, in order to achieve the best result. Therefore, be outdoors as often as possible.

Do not supercool the body. To keep warm, combine the adoption of air baths with gymnastics, walking, etc.

The best air baths are those thatAre taken near the sea, mountains or forests. Where there is no polluted air with various wastes of industry. There is no dust in the sea air. It contains negative ions, phytoncides, ozone and salts. Therefore, the effect of air on the sea is much more useful.

Air baths are not only acceptedExclusively in the summer, and also in other seasons. For this, there are a lot of preparatory procedures for hardening the body. Do not wear excessively warm clothes. Open your skin. Enter your habit of sleeping with open windows. Try to be as much as possible in the fresh air: eat, sleep, relax and work. Receive from this pleasure and benefit to the body.

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