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Therapeutic and cosmetic effect of the infrared sauna

The mechanism of the effect of heat infrared sauna on the body Similar to a normal sauna. The significant difference between these types of saunas is that in an ordinary bath the body will be heated indirectly: first the air is heated, and then the hot air heats the body. And infrared radiation does not heat the air, but the body.

The therapeutic effect of the action of infrared cabinIs multifaceted. The result of regular exposure to infrared procedures is the reduction of the cholesterol in the blood, which directly stabilizes blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. The walls of the vessels are strengthened, they become more elastic. Improves the progress of the immune system, the general resistance of the body increases, which, in turn, allows the body to effectively combat colds and flu (in fact, disease-causing viruses and bacteria die due to a rise in body temperature to 38.5 degrees, as well as At Natural, ordinary reaction of the body to the disease).

Strong sweating facilitates activityKidney, dilated blood vessels stimulate blood circulation. Infrared radiation is very effective in chronic diseases of the throat, ear, nose, relieves pain in the joints, back, muscles, head and menstrual pain, accelerates the healing of bruises, fractures, wounds, injuries. Pleasant heat from infrared radiation calms the nervous system, eliminates insomnia, nervousness, stress. That is, we can say that an infrared sauna is a comprehensive prevention of diseases and the improvement of the whole organism.

Too much sweating causesConsiderable energy consumption, resulting in the burning of a large number of calories. One session held in an infrared sauna can burn approximately the same number of calories as you would lose by running 10 kilometers. That is why sessions in the infrared cabin, especially combined with diets, will successfully reduce weight.

The adoption of procedures in the infrared sauna will give youAlso a wonderful cosmetic effect. Under the influence of infrared radiation, skin pores open, a profuse sweating begins, resulting in a deep cleansing of your skin, getting rid of dead cells and dirt.

During the reception of such a sauna,Blood circulation, which increases the flow of blood to the skin, ultimately increasing the supply of nutrients and elements to its surface. Your skin will become smooth, supple, elastic and will look much younger. Nourishing creams, which you apply on the skin after the infrared procedures, will give a much greater effect. With regular visits to the infrared cabin, you can recover from a number of skin diseases such as dermatitis, acne and acne, dandruff, eczema, and according to some reports, even psoriasis. They soften, and in some cases resolve, old scars and scars.

Deep infiltration by infraredRadiation, stands in line with physical activity and rational nutrition. It can effectively fight cellulite formations, splitting its deposits under the skin, consisting of fat, water and slags.

Infrared cabin that looks goodQuite standard, is a kind of closet made from environmentally friendly materials (for example, from natural wood), with a glass door. In the walls and under the seats, infrared emitters are mounted. Depending on the size of this cabin can accommodate from 1 to 5 people.

Carrying out a bath procedure in the infrared saunaSomewhat different from the traditional. An ordinary wellness session should not be interrupted and usually lasts about half an hour. Despite the fact that there is a deep warming, your body will not overheat, so after a session in the infrared cabin is not advised to take any contrasting water procedures. It will be enough to limit yourself to a warm shower, only to wash away the sweat that has come out. And to compensate for the loss of body moisture, after the session you need to drink tea (preferably green) or mineral water.

In addition to all of the above, infrared saunas have some more advantages, compared to traditional baths or saunas:

  • Since the air in the cabin is heated lessThe optimal temperature regime of the infrared cabin is 45-55 degrees, and in the Finnish sauna about 100 degrees), and there is also no steam generation, infrared procedures are easier to transfer, people are in more comfortable conditions, the likelihood of burns (for example, when touching the walls) Is completely excluded.
  • The infrared cabin is fully rendered by thatThe healthiest effect of the sauna, even to children and the elderly, and also to people who suffer from any cardiovascular diseases, or to those who feel discomfort due to high temperatures.
  • Due to the lower temperature in the infraredCockpit, you will not leave it with reddened skin and steamed, as happens after a normal bath, and can immediately begin the execution of some of your current affairs. That is, the procedure in the infrared cabin can be taken not only in the evening, but also in the morning, before leaving for work, while steaming in the bath suggests several visits to the steam room and rest, held in the waiting room, and requires you to spend a lot of time. That's why in a traditional sauna or bath, usually, once or twice a week, and in an infrared cabin you can walk at least every day (but, of course, you should rely on your own health).
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