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How to overcome stress during a flight by plane

Low air humidity.

Humidity in the cabin duringFlight is reduced to 20% and lower, which is equivalent to the humidity in the desert. It can not cause significant harm to health, but it can cause discomfort of the skin, eyes and mucous membranes of the nose and throat.

To avoid negative effects, you must do the following:

  • During the flight, drink enough water.
  • It should be reduced, but it is better not to useIn this period of time alcohol, coffee. This should be done because these drinks, and all that contain caffeine, cause dehydration.
  • Put on glasses instead of contact lenses - this will not irritate the eyes,
  • During the flight, do not use decorativeMakeup, maximum - tint your lips and eyes with mascara. But no tonal means and shadows. Use a cream to moisten the face. An excellent remedy will be moisturizing aerosols containing mineral water.

Long stay without movement.

The plane has to sit a considerable timeIn the same pose. A long stay without movements will slow the blood circulation. As a result, the blood vessels of the legs narrow, which leads to the formation of thrombi, and in the legs there will be painful sensations that can last several days.

For this case, there are also a number of requirements that must be met:

  • Choose a place where there is a lot of free space in front of the chair, as a rule, these are the first rows, and the rows next to the emergency exits.
  • Drink water and juice, and completely give up coffee and alcohol for the period of flight.
  • Less smoking.
  • Try to change the poses in which you are sitting as often as possible. If the flight takes more than two hours, then every 60-90 minutes should get up and go through the salon.
  • For flight, choose spacious and natural clothes. About narrow shoes, too, is better to forget. If you can not do without a model pair, then remove them.
  • When you feel the tension in your legs,The next exercise: shake your feet first in one, then in the other side, then pull out the socks, stretch well to stretch your arms, periodically tighten them into fists, and hold it for 5-7 seconds, then relax again.
  • For a couple of hours before the flight on the plane, drink up to 10 milligrams of aspirin. This prevents blood clots.

Problems with the vestibular apparatus.

People suffering from seasickness and with a weakVestibular apparatus, you should choose places near the wing of the aircraft. Do not strain your eyes, that is, read or look in the porthole. In order to prevent seasickness, it is better to close your eyes and fix your body at one point. During the flight, as well as 24 hours before it, you should not take alcohol. But before landing on the plane, take a remedy against motion sickness. Good will help "Aviamarin", "Bonin", "Kinidril" or "Aeron". Help and antihistamines Drugs that use Against allergies. These include "Diphenhydramine", "Pipolph" and "Suprastin". They do not act immediately, but after two or more hours.

Change of time zones.

Many problems are due to the difference inTime, which will be encountered by all travelers and crossing several time zones. This can seriously affect your health. It will be especially difficult for those people who are accustomed to get up at the same time or live on a certain regime of the day. Flights to the east are carried more heavily than in the western direction. As a result, the biological clock breaks down, and symptoms such as restless sleep, daytime lethargy, or digestive problems may manifest.

In order to make it easier to overcome stress, or even completely reduce it, take into account the following tips:

  • Before the flight, shift your mode of the day for two or even more hours.
  • Have a good rest before boarding the plane.
  • If possible, choose not a night flight but a day trip.
  • During the flight, eat light food and drink plenty of water.

Follow all the tips given in the article to make the flight as enjoyable as possible.

After flying, it's worth trying to go to bed and get up atWithin the local time zone. Do not go to bed later than twelve at night according to local time, or as your internal clock tells you. To rebuild the body for a new time will take at least a week. Therefore, if the visit to another country will be two or three days, you can not leave the usual regime.

Well and at last, constantly accepting a medicinePassengers should not forget to take it with them to the plane in hand luggage. Especially this recommendation applies to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus.

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