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Bedroom design: Italian style

One of the most important rules is the use ofNatural, environmentally friendly materials. Excellent for these purposes is a tree and a stone. The color range can be varied - from white and light colors to bright, juicy and dark decors. The walls of the bedroom can be finished with plaster in pastel, yellow or terracotta tones, or you can use textiles with floral ornaments to decorate them, in order to strengthen the association with the house in the Tuscan province.

The ceiling can be left white, but preferablyEdges to decorate a molding that at once will give necessary color. The Italian bedroom is a combination of luxury and functionality, a game on contrast of textures, so it is quite natural in this interior to see the connection of plastered walls and stucco ceiling.

Sex is desirable to make a stone by decorating itA mosaic pattern. For those who do not accept stone on the bedroom floor, there is an alternative option - a wooden floor shade of cherry or mahogany. Most often, the Italians do not use the finishing trim, however, in modern interior, a glossy coating is allowed.

The central place in the bedroom is a bed. Pay special attention to her choice, because she is called to become the aesthetic center of the room. Most often, Italians choose a bed in a classical style with a decorated headboard, but in some cases there may be forged furniture. Whatever you choose, the idea must necessarily be supported in other elements of the decor. Pay special attention to the choice of textiles for the design of the bed. These can be fabrics in blue tones reminiscent of the sea, in a green color scheme associated with vineyards or olive trees, in the rural style typical of the Italian provinces. In the Italian interior, textiles are used very actively, so choose the appropriate plaid and cushions, echoing the color solution with textiles on the windows. Most often as curtains choose simple dense white or light fabrics, or decor in a white-green cage. Recently there has been a shift from dense to transparent and translucent fabrics, which increases the number of possible decor options.

An important style factor is the otherInterior items - mirrors in wrought-iron frames, lamps in the same style, maybe a dressing table made of wood in a tone of floors or beds, a mirror chest of drawers.

Finish the interior will help paintings, hungOn the walls at eye level, depicting Italian rural landscapes, olive groves or still-lifes with fruit. Another interesting element of the decor - bronze statuettes in the classical style, arbitrarily arranged for the room.

Being guided by these rules, you can createUnique style of your bedroom, turning it into a comfortable place to relax and a cozy corner, which is always a pleasure to spend time. Now you know everything about the design of the bedroom, the Italian style will be able to emphasize her personality.

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