/ Does the hookah harm health?

Does the hookah harm health?

How harmful is smoking a hookah? Disputes on this issue in the media, and especially on the Internet, have been going on for a long time. People who lead a healthy lifestyle are concerned about how dangerous the hookah is for the smoker himself and for others.

The lovers of this method of delaying proveHarmlessness of smoking hookah. But recent studies of this problem show that this is not the case. Harm from smoking hookah is and it is significant.

This should force fans to smoke hookahTo think about. After all, they harm not only themselves, but also the health of the people around them: friends, children, loved ones. Many consider this an inoffensive sociable fun. They believe that the harm to health from smoking a hookah is far-fetched. Their main misconception is that the tobacco smoke in the hookah is filtered out with water, which means that smoking in this way is harmless.

Any smoke that occurs due to slow decay,Contains very harmful substances for humans. It is carbon monoxide, nicotine, resins, formaldehydes and the like. And their inhalation uniquely harms the health of any person. Just while the body is young, the manifestation of this is not so noticeable.

Any tobacco smoke causes negative changesin organism. Including, it affects genetics. Although this issue has not been studied to the end, but the harm from this addiction can manifest itself in future generations of the smoker in a bad way. The harmful effects of smoking hookah can affect the health of children, grandchildren or great-smokers of a smoker. Therefore, everyone, addicted to this addiction, should reflect on the irresponsibility of their selfish behavior.

Smoking hookah is not a harmless alternative to smoking cigarettes!

Studies have shown that smokersHookah for an hour can breathe in such a quantity of tobacco smoke, which is available in 150-200 cigarettes. The Ministry of Health confirms that even after the passage through the water, hookah smoke contains in large quantities nicotine, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other substances that contribute to the development of a cancerous tumor. Water in the hookah detains part of the nicotine. But this does not guarantee a safe smoking or addiction.

Any tobacco contains nicotine, which causesChemical dependence. He is the main regulator of the need for tobacco. Therefore, a person dependent on nicotine smokes until the body has received the usual dose of this poison. To satisfy nicotine hunger with a hookah, you need to spend 20-80 minutes.

The sad statistics show how muchHarmful hookah. A normal smoker, making 10-12 puffs, inhales about 0.5 liters of tobacco smoke. And when using a hookah, you have to do 50-200 puffs. In each such puff, up to 1 liter of smoke. Thus, a hookah lover can inhale smoke at the same time as if smoking 100 cigarettes.

Now with the development of tourism in Asian countries,many try such an exotic kind of smoking. This is facilitated by the new fashion, and the erroneous opinion, wandering the Internet, that this is a safe kind of smoking. The opinion, created primarily by advertisers. Well, then, having gone on vacation in the countries of Asia or North Africa, do not try to smoke a hookah. After all, this is one of the mandatory points of acquaintance with the local culture. That's all and try, confident in its harmlessness. And even bring home as a souvenir.

Many consider hookah smoking harmless yetbecause on the label of tobacco for hookah it is written: the content of nicotine is 0.5%. It seems to be a small dose. But if we recall the statistics described above, the dose may be quite different. A novice hookah smoker in one session can get a dose of nicotine, causing addiction.

In addition to consumption of nicotine, when smoking shishayou breathe carbon monoxide, heavy metal salts and a host of other carcinogenic substances. This is well known to manufacturers of hookahs, so for safe smoking offer mouthpiece models with filters made of cotton or activated carbon. As for the safety of this entertainment, you will be offered to add special chemicals or carbon filters to the hookah water. None of these methods of protection makes smoking hookah a safe occupation. You risk primarily your cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. In addition, addicted to the hookah, you fall into the risk group of cancer.

Hookah is dangerous for teens who have not smoked beforethis. He is tempting with his soft taste, pleasant aromas. First, the teenager does not notice how he gets addicted to the habit. It's a tempting way to smoke cigarettes, and possibly drugs. In addition, today's youth have adapted to use hookah, replacing water with alcohol or tobacco, hemp.

This disastrous predilection, which comes to naught in Islamic countries, has engulfed America and Europe. Many Muslim countries already have a ban on hookah smoking in public places.

The World Health Organization seriouslyWorried about the fashion of smoking hookah in European countries. Research scientists in this area, say that the amount of salts of heavy metals, tar and carbon dioxide in the smoke of the hookah is not less than in the smoke of a conventional cigarette. Scientists believe that the opinion that water inhibits the impact of harmful substances, is mistaken. The amount of chromium, nickel, beryllium and cobalt in hookah smoke is greater than in smoke from cigarettes.

For fans of smoking hookah in Egypt shouldlearn about the results of the study of the Ministry of Health of this country. The Egyptians consider smoking hookah the main factor in the spread of tuberculosis in the country. But the dry climate of this country does not contribute to the development of this disease.

Does the hookah harm health? Before you follow the fashion and start smoking hookah, think about your health and the harmful consequences.

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