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Italian style in the interior of the kitchen

The Italian style is characterized by warm,Sunny colors and contrast of textures. Many natural materials - wood, stone. But do not repeat using the same material for finishing any surfaces, it is better to choose the right combination of them. To decorate the walls, use plaster, you can even make a deliberately rough finish, imitating the peasant kitchen. Good terracotta, sand, yellow and other juicy colors. To complete the decoration of the walls can be a combination of plaster and masonry. This is one of the characteristic techniques in creating an Italian style. Well used and plant motifs - images of olive, grapevine.

The floor is made of wooden floorboards, thatAgain reminds of the Italian village. A stone mosaic floor also looks good. Here, either the same bright colors or the dark decor of a beautiful deep color are suitable.

Traditional ceiling in the Italian house - fromWood with the use of ceiling beams. If the ceiling height allows, it is worth using this method. It immediately shapes the style and recreates the right atmosphere.

If necessary, you can useMaterials imitating wood or stone. This will significantly save money, but stay within the chosen style. Use for your purposes decorative panels for walls with veneer of natural wood or imitation of brick, masonry.

When choosing kitchen furniture, you need to remember thatIn any Italian family, the most important thing is the continuity of the generations, so the most readily used are the interior items that have been inherited from the ancestors. Solid furniture from solid wood, perhaps with the effect of aging, is the right choice. Furniture can also be decorated with carvings, forged elements, elegant fittings. The table top should be chosen from marble, so that its smoothness shades the texture of the walls.

The central subject in the interior of the kitchenNecessarily is a large dining table, beyond which you can assemble the entire family. It should be made in the same style as the rest of the furniture, and complement it with desirable carved benches, decorated with textile cushions. Most often for the production of kitchen furniture, a tree of dark juicy colors, reminiscent of ripe grapes or old olives.

A special place in the Italian cuisine is a fireplace. If space allows, be sure to take a place for him. Decorate it is brickwork and forged elements. The fireplace will create warmth and comfort, and will also become an additional source of light.

Lighting in Italian cuisine also plays an importantrole. It is advisable to abandon a single light source, giving preference to several side luminaires. Soft warm light will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The lamps themselves should be in harmony with the general background, so you can choose metal, forged or carved, reminiscent of street lights or candelabra.

But the integrity of the interior can only giveTrifles, so do not hesitate to actively use the correct signs of Italian style for decorating the kitchen: place wicker baskets in the kitchen that can be decorated with textiles and filled with fruits and bread. Arrange on the windowsills compositions of clay jars with olive oil, bottles of wine. Do not hide and kitchen utensils - for any Italian hostess is characterized by a slight mess, so many items can be left in sight. Actively use handmade textile decorations - from embroidered napkins and towels to covers on furniture. Ornaments or pictures depicting animals, plants, Italian meals will also look good.

The kitchen, executed in the Italian style, differs a special atmosphere - this is the place where all households with peace and comfort reign with pleasure gather. That's tacosTh He, Italian style in the interior of the kitchen.

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