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How to choose an espresso coffee machine for home use

The modern market offers a lot of carob (espresso) coffee machines, so you will have plenty to choose from. It remains only to find out what to look for and how to choose an espresso coffee machine for the house.

In the espresso coffee machine, coffee is prepared from groundGrains that are exposed to high vapor pressure. It is a drink prepared in this way and is called "espresso". The second name - "carob" - these coffee makers obtained due to the peculiarities of their design: filter mesh or bag for ground coffee replaced in such coffee makers with plastic or metal horns.

When preparing coffee in an espresso machineFirst of all it is required to fill the boiler with water, and the horn - with ground coffee, at the same time it is necessary to properly compact the content of the horn. With all the rest, the coffee machine will manage itself: under high pressure, steam passes through the coffee powder, and then the finished drink pours into the cup, which it is desirable to warm up.

Since the preparation of coffee is carried out underHigh pressure, coffee powder can be allocated a maximum of useful substances and components that determine the flavor of the drink. And even high water pressure allows extracting up to 25% of the so-called coffee substance - and with ordinary cooking this figure is 15-18%, so that the coffee bean consumption can be reduced by almost a third. Carob coffee makers are also valued by many users because they make it possible to create a cream on the surface of the prepared beverage - an aromatic foam.

So, the work of the carob coffee machine is based on high steam pressure. Therefore, the choice of the device should also begin with this parameter.

The simplest, or "younger" models of coffee makersEspresso can develop pressure up to 4 bar. Water is heated in a closed container, and then, when the pressure limit is reached, the valve opens and the steam is passed through the coffee powder. Steam at the same time is too hot, and this partially destroys the aroma of the drink. There is such technology and plus: superheated steam allows you to extract more caffeine and make the drink more invigorating. For coffee machines that provide a pressure of 3.5 bar, the power usually does not exceed 1000 W, while making a cup of coffee takes about two minutes.

Instruments of a higher class are capable of developingPressure up to 15 bar - this provides a built-in electromagnetic pump, equipped with a fuser, heating the water to about 84-95 degrees. This design literally pushes water under pressure through the particles of ground coffee on the filter, while the most active components of coffee are taken from them. The power of devices with a pressure of 15 bar varies in the range of 1000-1700 W. To make a cup of coffee in these coffee machines need about a half a minute.

An important parameter is the type of material from whichMade horn: metal or plastic. Preference should be given to the metal, because in the metal horn the coffee is warming up better, which means that the drink will also get more saturated and thick.

Coffee makers with a plastic horn give a more watery coffee, in which the sour taste of the taste is more distinctly felt.

Reflecting on how to choose an espresso coffee machineFor the house, pay attention and the size of the water tank. Coffee makers developing pressure up to 4 bar usually have a small - 200-600 ml - water tank. But in the coffee machine with a pressure of 15 bar, you can pour up to one and a half liters of water, however, once it is not possible to cook more than two cups of the drink all the same.

If you like "cappuccino", take a closer look atThe way in which the function of making this kind of coffee is realized in the coffee maker. After all, "cappuccino" - in fact the same "espresso", only covered with foam from milk. To beat the milk, carob coffee makers are equipped with various devices and attachments. In this case, the system of cooking "cappuccino", that is, whipping milk to get foam, can be mechanical and automatic.

The "caper" of the mechanical type acts like this: A tube with a nozzle is lowered into a glass with milk, steam is pumped through it, through which foam is formed. But to cook really high foam from milk - "so as in a coffee house" - is not so easy. This requires almost professional skills and in addition milk with high fat content - more than 3.5% - or even cream (11% fat content).

It is much easier to prepare a milk froth withAutomatic "cappuccino": you just need to pour the milk in a specially designed tank, turn on the "cappuccino" mode and - voila! - the foam itself drains into a cup. Coffee makers with automatic "cappuccino" are sometimes also equipped with the function of adjusting the density of milk foam.

Another significant parameter of the espresso machine- the ability to use pre-packaged coffee in crocks. This "option" greatly simplifies the preparation of "espresso" at home, providing a very high quality of the drink.

Chalde - portions of compressed roasted groundCoffee for one brew (7 g), packed in disposable factory packaging - placed between two layers of filter paper. The technology of production of portioned coffee - E.S.E. - worldwide known and recognized, and coffee makers are called E.S.E.-compatible.

Their undoubted advantage is the simplicity of preparing the drink and cleaning the device. There is also a minus: this additional function significantly increases the price of the coffee machine.

When choosing coffee makers, pay attention to its additional features

  • Light indicators working process, as well as water level and coffee temperature.
  • Automatic shut-off in case of overheating in combination with special valves for steam: these devices reduce the risk of burns and increase the life of the coffee machine.
  • Two pumps, allowing to prepare simultaneously "cappuccino" and "espresso".
  • Removable drip tray will provide easy care for the carob coffee maker.
  • Start-stop button - allows you to interrupt the preparation of coffee if necessary.
  • Double nozzle allows you to pour coffee into two cups simultaneously.
  • Functions of heating milk and keeping the cafe hot provides additional convenience when using a drink.
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