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How to get rid of fatigue after a working day

1). After every hour of work you need to doBreaks for 10 or 15 minutes. At lunch time, you need to leave the office. After all, a break in itself does not mean you have to sit stupidly staring at the wall. It is proved that rest is a change of activity. If there is even no possibility to move away from your workplace, get up, then stretch, do some physical exercises.

At the end of the day, scroll to 10 or 15 minutesIts time to schedule business the next day. Sometimes, you come to work, and you do not know what kind of business you need to grab. A list will help get rid of the chaos in my head.

You have to do important things first, then not very much. Ideal option will be to do the business, which takes ideally from 5 to 7 minutes, and then perform all the rest.

The syndrome of fatigue is familiar to every person. This is a bad organization of the workplace, monotony, long work without short rest and rest, these factors cause fatigue.

Syndromes of overwork:

- Irritability
- Drowsiness
- Apathy
- Bad feeling
- Muscle pain
- General weakness.

How to relieve fatigue at work?

We need to plan our work,To avoid these symptoms. Pay attention to your own position, the level of noise around, the state of the workplace. If you dine at the computer, do not take breaks, sit in an uncomfortable chair, do not be surprised that you have problems with your back.

In the second half of the working day, the recession beginsWork activity. But energy can be restored by stimulating blood circulation in the legs. On the soles of the feet there are biologically active points that are responsible for the organs. You can do a little foot massage. Take an empty bottle, and roll it with your feet on the floor for 5 or 7 minutes. This exercise will add energy to you, and will add strength. Another way will be a compact simulator, it will help to recover during the working day. There is such an expression as the "vacation paradox" when on vacation, according to subjective perception, flies by, like one day, and then in memories, a retrospective, saturated with vivid events.

How can you restore your strength?

Alternate classes. If you work requires a lot of mental stress, then it is useful to do a little exercise. It can be a long walk, work at home, sports. Meet with friends, go to the theater, go to the movies, just walk around the park. New impressions will improve your mood and help to cope with fatigue.

Any rest, if active, increasesResistance of the body. But when physical activity is not enough, this leads to different problems, including fatigue. When there is no time, keep at least 10 minutes on the stationary bike.

Provide yourself a healthy normal sleep. Going to bed, expect to sleep 8, and ideally it would be good 10 hours of sleep. See if you have enough comfortable mattress, if the neck on this pillow is dripping. Comfortable sleep affects the quality of life, including mood and health.

If you have a low blood pressurePressure, which is known as a hypotension on the nerves, this can be the cause of very severe fatigue. If you feel dizzy, when you are on your feet for a long time or when you take a hot shower, go to a neuropathy examination for hypotension. Give up cigarettes and alcohol. Bad habits bring only temporary relief. You need to help the body cope with fatigue.

Take a warm bath.
The water temperature should be 37 or 38 degrees,The duration of the procedure is 20 or 25 minutes. The bath should be taken 1.5 hours after meals or before meals. Experts say that you should not take a bath every day. In olden times it was said that the size of the pupils, says a person's life force, if they are wide open, then the body is full of energy, and if the pupils decrease, this happens when the energy leaves him, it can be during a serious illness, old age.

How to get rid of fatigue with food

If people ask the question: "Are you very tired?", Most people will say yes. We live in a time when there is a very high life rhythm. And who does not get tired, if he works all day, and in the evening he is waiting for games and classes with children, waiting for other household chores, and so want to find time to rest, and your favorite thing. Our mood and state of mind greatly affect the amount of energy that is allocated to us per day. It is also true that if the level of vital energy is close to zero, then the mood in no way can be good.

How will get rid of constant fatigue? A full-fledged sleep, a diet that includes products to increase vitality.

Means of fatigue

1. Use Caffeine Properly

If caffeine is used skillfully and correctly, itWill be a good remedy for fatigue. For health, caffeine begins to function after 15 minutes, after it got into the body, and then another 6 hours it has its effect. If caffeine enters your body separately from food, then you will feel a strong surge of energy, but after a short time, fatigue with new force will come down on you. This happens to people who are sensitive to caffeine. But I would like to avoid side effects of caffeine.

Council. Most people work in the morningMaximum, and after 13.00 it decreases and fatigue accumulates. This is the most suitable time for recharging. If at this time at 13.00 or at 14.00 to take a small dose of caffeine, then it will not be reflected in the night's sleep, and in the subsequent working time will give the necessary energy. Drink a strong green or black tea. In black tea, caffeine is significantly less than in green tea. Do not use coffee to get caffeine, because in addition to its positive effects, it will have a negative effect on the body.

2. Do not skip meals

Know that every meal is needed by the body,To provide the body with vital energy. Especially it concerns breakfast. Breakfast should not contain food that causes drowsiness: most vegetables, rice, beans, pasta, potatoes. Often insomnia is the cause of chronic fatigue, which is triggered by the food we eat for dinner. For breakfast, you need to eat food rich in fiber and eat at least 5 grams of protein.

3. Do not forget about the protein

Carbohydrates cause drowsiness, calmness, a sense of comfort. Proteins betray the body vivacity. The consumption of protein contributes to the release of tyrosine, which increases mental activity.

4. It is necessary to regulate the amount of food consumed

If possible, do not eatRefined carbohydrates (this is the majority of semi-finished products, cereals, flour and sweet), do not overeat. After consuming refined carbohydrates, they cause a feeling of lethargy in a person, do not provide real satiation, and cause us to eat more, in other words, overeat. Then in the abdomen, blood circulation is increased to provide additional help in the digestion process, as a result, the brain receives less oxygen.

You need to eat 3 times a day, and do 2 light snacks. If you distribute food correctly throughout the day, it will be an excellent remedy for fatigue.

How can you get rid of fatigue afterWorking day? Fatigue can be reduced by proper and regular nutrition. Avoid heavy fatty foods, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, forget about debilitating diets. Eat foods that contain complex carbohydrates and starch. To maintain the tone, take the egg shell without the film and make it into powder, pour lemon juice and take 1 spoonful per day. After a meal, drink beet juice, and during the day, salted and calcium water.

After a pleasant and warm bath, stay a little in silence and alone, think about something pleasant, concentrate on yourself 10 or 15 minutes. Then you can relax and relieve fatigue.

Do not delay your business in the long box. We are so conscious that any unresolved problem prevents us from living 24 hours a day, is in our subconscious and naturally also takes energy. Listen to these tips, and then you will get rid of fatigue.
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