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Wall-papers on walls - as though you leave to the sea

Of course, the picture of wallpaper can be absolutelyAny. The most popular are natural subjects. For children's rooms - fantastic fantasies. Creative people tend to art-fauce and abstraction. But no matter what wallpaper you choose, whether with access to the sea, or to the Champs-Elysee, they should be properly selected and pasted.

Wall-papers for walls for many decadesUse to transform the room, create a certain style in the apartment, play with the space, and of course, make a bright note in the interior. However, it is difficult to choose a suitable figure and the place where to place it. But, do all the work, do not admire the result. It's not for nothing that photo wallpapers are considered one of the best decorating techniques. However, for the final result to please you, consider simple but very important tips:

  1. When choosing photo wallpapers on walls, the first thingYou need to pay attention, this is a clear graphics and color saturation. Wall-papers with a vague pattern, in bad color and with discrepancies on some pieces, it is better not to use. Just spoil the interior.
  2. Sorry, but to make high-quality wallpapers fromNormal photography can not. Even if the equipment with which the picture was taken was good, it just does not give the necessary clarity. Therefore, if you really want to reproduce a specific story on the wallpaper, you will have to turn to a professional.
  3. A huge role is played, of course, by the drawing itself. Before buying a wallpaper on the wall, you need to think carefully about what it will be. Maybe the landscape, then what? Exotic, or just an image of flowers and plants? Or maybe an illusion, as if you go out to the sea, under the rays of sunset? Some options make the room warmer and more positive, but may not fit into the interior. In any case, you need to think carefully about the color scheme. Maybe the plot, for example, a panorama of the city. Such wallpaper is perfect for a city apartment. However, it is not necessary to choose a modern kind of terrain, let it be better it will be stylized under the antiquity. In the nursery you can buy wallpaper with a fairy story or the image of cartoon characters. In the room of a teenager boy, the wall-papers with a picture from computer games, sports will perfectly fit. And in the girl's room - fashion shows and glamorous subjects. As for the color scheme, for example, it is better to choose quiet wall tones in the bedroom. But the living room is suitable wallpaper bright colors.
  4. Photo wall-papers exactly fit into a room with a small amount of furniture. Bright, catchy colors of the picture fill the empty space, and the minimalism of the room will simply not be noticeable.
  5. Not the last role of wallpaper on the wall win back andIn the visual change in the space of the room. In this business, the main thing is color. Let's say the room needs to be visually enlarged. So, you need to choose cool colors - blue, blue, green and their shades, turquoise, indigo, violet and the color of the sea wave. In a dimly lit room it is necessary to create a cozy and comfortable environment. To do this, just the warm colors - red, orange, yellow and their shades, will do.
  6. Well, choose and measure the place on whichWill be applied to wallpaper. In our time, problems with the dimensions should not arise. They can be as one, two, four or more pieces, and for the whole wall (from floor to ceiling) or just to its middle. A novelty are special narrow wallpaper with a picture glued on the door.
  7. It must be said that glue wallpapers on absolutelyEven walls. Otherwise, the picture will lie crooked. As soon as you deal with this problem, it will only be ideal to paste wallpaper. To do this, you first need to use a pencil to markup, which will help to evenly glue all the components of photo wallpapers. Apply the cloths from the bottom up, strictly on the specified lines and gently smooth out to remove the glue sticks, as well as squeeze the air.

If you already dream of wonderful photo wallpapers onWall, as if you go out to the sea, or about photo wallpapers with a view of the Eiffel Tower, or about any other story - do not hold back! Even if you did not pick up anything in the retail network, any drawing can be ordered in specialized salons. Enjoy the shopping!

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